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2020 Kentucky Belle Model Team


I am so excited to have another year with my Kentucky Belles Model Team but 2020 will be different and will be awesome with this new group that you MAY be a part of! I started my business back in 2010 and started my FIRST EVER Kentucky Belle group in 2015 and this Model Team has grown SO MUCH that it's insane! I never thought I would be where I'm at and I want you young ladies and gents to join in with me on the success! Before we get started, I know you have some questions and I have a pretty good idea what those questions are!

What is a Kentucky Belle Model?

Kentucky Belles are 2019 Juniors who will be Seniors at their respectable high schools in 2020. They receive FOUR sessions (one per season) starting May of 2019 up until May of 2020. During this time not only will you have senior sessions that fit your personality, but we will also be having at least four stylized group sessions that way all five Belles can meet and greet one another!

What does a Kentucky Belle Model Receive?

  • -Four Personalized Senior Sessions (One Per Season)! -

  • One FREE Cap and Gown Session at the end of the year with 5 free Digitals!

  • 25 Digitally Edited Images from each session on a custom USB with your favorite picture!

  • A Custom Rebecca Beatty Photography T-Shirt along with a goodie bag!

  • One Premier Ordering Session at the end of the year with a 15% off on all Collections!

  • Plus CASH prizes!! For every person you refer THAT BOOKS you receive $20 cash!

  • As well as points! For every time you share your Facebook album, sneak peeks, blog post, etc you receive points! Depending on the action (example: sharing a picture on any social media site = one point) so much of a discount will be taken off on Print products, albums, etc!

What is Required of a Kentucky Belle Model?

  • With all Models a $175 non refundable retainer fee will be charged during the group meeting to guarantee your spot on the team! ( also helps pays for something special for you all at the end of the year!)

  • Share your photos on social media accounts! Use them to! Gain points for discounts!

  • Brag about your experience with Rebecca Beatty Photography!

  • You agree to only represent Rebecca Beatty Photography!



Below is an application! Some of it is serious, some of it's just for fun! This application will help me narrow it down to the five lovely individuals who will be a part of the 2020 Kentucky Belle Model Team! What happens if you're not picked? No worries! I will still send you a message letting you know if you made the team or not! If you didn't, I will still be applying a 15% off for your senior portrait session!

With that being said, please feel free to fill out the form below! If you have any questions, there will be a comment box at the end of the form labelled "are there any concerns" there you will type in any comments or concerns that you have! Thanks a lot for showing interest in Rebecca Beatty Photography and good luck! <3

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