Lebanon Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Cassidy Logsdon

Cassidy Logsdon’s Cap and Gown Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This session marks the last 2018 senior session in my books! I had the pleasure of working with Cassidy during her fall senior portraits and as always, any senior that books their senior session with me gets a complimentary cap and gown session!

These 30 minute sessions give the seniors one last go at having their pictures done and kind of brings the realization that they’re no longer high school teenagers but freshmen in college!

So with Cassidy we decided that we would stay close to home and actually shoot her cap and gown session in the same place we shot her Fall session because this memory she will hold forever as she goes to Louisiana for college!

Check out how proud I am of this senior and all her accomplishments! <3

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Maddie + Chance

Maddie + Chance’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This is one of my new favorite spots! I have always wanted to shoot here for such a long time so when Maddie + Chance mentioned shooting at the University of Kentucky Arboretum I. WAS. GAME!

This place is beautiful! Between the structures, the wild flowers, and that beautiful sunset this was EVERYTHING!

Plus the connection these two had was magical! They knew how to make the other smile or laugh without saying anything and was just so natural in front of the camera! It makes my job so much easier when couples are natural and take direction so easily!

Springfield Kentucky Spring Senior Session | Michelle Hardin

Michelle Hardin’s Spring Senior Session in Springfield, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Well I am officially in tears as I write this blog post up! I have had the pleasure of working with this beautiful young lady for one year now, and now that we have kicked the final stone and shot her last senior session as a Kentucky Belle rep.

Between the sudden burst of rain that tried to rain all over her parade and burning up in a beautiful green house, we made sure to take this Spring session of Michelle’s and make it the best of all sessions!

I don’t want to talk a lot because I want y’all to see how amazing these pictures are, but I can not express how proud I am of Michelle and how far she will go in the world. When we first met she was shy and quiet, now she’s outgoing and if she wants something she chases that dream.

Check out the best shots from Michelle’s LAST spring senior session!

Smith Grove Kentucky Wedding | Sarah + Cody

Sarah + Cody’s Wedding in Smith Grove, Kentucky | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

One of my favorite couples plus one of my favorite venues, made this wedding maybe my number one favorite of all of 2018! Sarah + Cody’s wedding at Elkin’s Grove was so amazing. And I know I say that a lot but seriously it was.

Their big day had such a rustic and elegant twist to it that it was unique and different than most weddings. Not only did it have this tradtional, classy, elegant atmosphere, there was also a fun feeling in the air.

Between the laughter, the jokes, the ‘weird cropped face of Cody’ bandanas; the gift exchange is what really pushed the emotions and made everyone cry.

And I loved it!

I know that sounds bad I love seeing people cry, but it’s not that! I love seeing two people who are truly in love with one another cry tears of happiness because a day that they have planned for such a long time is finally here.

When you put two people together, who basically read each other’s minds, who just connect on another level that only people dream about (me being one of those people) it makes you live in their emotions and it’s natural to want to cry with them.

Sarah + Cody, thank you both so much for your amazing patience and kind love while working together! I pray every night that God blesses you both with more lazy days, smiles, and of course more Marvel movie dates! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Spring Senior Session | Jaci Benningfield

Jaci Benningfield’s Spring Senior Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Sad times for me as I shoot this last senior session with my Kentucky Belle Rep Jaci! If you know Jaci then you know she’s a wild card. Not only that, but her style changes from a day to day basis.

One day she may be feeling a little grungy, the next she may feel girly. For her spring session we went between glam and girly, and let’s not forget just a hint of sporty!

We went to this local creek that I have LITERALLY fell in love with! Taking a rustic scene and adding a twist of a gold sequin prom dress made this session STAND. OUT!

How many times do you know a girl got into some creek water? Not many right!

After and playing in some wild daisies and just right before we finished the session off with some cap and gown pictures, we had to do some softball shots!

I had been dying to get Jaci + Kalei together to show support and love to the game that they both love! And some of these shots I got with Jaci were ACCIDENTS!

Have you ever tried holding a reflector, throwing a softball, and taking a picture of a beautiful senior all at once?

Probably not lol.

I am so honored and blessed to have had the pleasure to work with Jaci throughout her senior year! As she goes to LWC I will still be supporting her! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Spring Senior Session | Savannah Bell

Savannah Bell’s Spring Senior Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Savannah’s goal in life when we were working together to always leave me laughing or smiling and for her last session she did just that!

Ending her senior year with me, Savannah and I made sure to mix in a few different looks as well as some personal items that reflect her family her vision of what hard work looks like.

Between shooting in a creek and jumping around on a bridge, this soon to be CU Cheerleader wasn’t going to let this be our last session! She acted as if we would see each other again soon, but we both know, she’s growing up and accomplishing big dreams and I can’t wait to see her take over the world!

Lebanon Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Olivia Edlin

Olivia Edlin’s Cap and Gown Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s that time again that one of my seniors that I have had the pleasure of working with come back to shoot their cap and gown session!

I have the pleasure of shooting Olivia’s Fall Session and I was so thrilled to work with her again for just a short amount of time to show off one of the greatest achievements in her high school career.

With the pretty spring flowers and the gorgeous weather, we stayed local to Lebanon to capture some girly and yet sophisticated shots!

Check out just a few of my favorite from Olivia’s Cap and Gown Session!

Springfield Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Chasity Warner

Chasity Warner’s Cap and Gown Session in Springfield, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

To some this young lady may look familiar, and she should, but you’re probably thinking, whoa her horse changed to a different color!

… I just want to go ahead and apologize for that bad Wizard of Oz joke * he he*

But anyways! You may remember Chasity when I shot her Fall portraits and we shot with her horse Moetown! But this time she wanted to use her other horses plus her adorable dog assistant!

How can I say no to such a sweet puppy face!

But anyways! We shot on Chastity’s farm and even with the sun shining bright, Chasity shine brighter and her jokes were a little funnier too!

Check out how much fun we had during her complimentary cap and gown session! <3

Bardstown Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson’s Cap and Gown Session in Bardstown, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

The one thing that I take pride in when working with my seniors, is gifting them a complimentary Cap and Gown session.

These small mini sessions, give the senior just a few moments where reality sinks in and their realize that they’re no longer going to be returning for a new school year with the classic school pizza for lunch, or loading everyone into the gym for a pep rally.

Instead reality tells them that it’s time to take your diploma and leave. Leave to go on to bigger and better dreams and to accomplish anything you set your mind too.

For Katie, TNHS taught her just that! Returning to her high school, Katie took her final session with me in the halls and classrooms where she spent the last four years for her education!

Check out just a few of my favorites from her session!

Springfield Kentucky Spring Senior Session | Kalei Cox

Kalei Cox’s Spring Senior Session in Springfield Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It breaks my heart that this is this beautiful girl’s last senior session with me, forever. Yes we may do more shoots in the future, but this is her last session with me as a SENIOR! A. HIGH. SCHOOL. SENIOR!

Am I the only one freaking out?

It’s really hard for me not to get attached to my clients because I’m just a very caring and loving and when I work with a young lady and I see her grow into someone who has a goal and won’t let anyone stop her, it makes me a proud momma lol!

But I know that I don’t have to worry about Kalei. This young woman is a force that people need to recognize! Her passion, dedication, and overall personality is going to carry her to the top! And I can’t wait to see where she goes!