Lebanon Kentucky Senior Session | Rachel Hollon

Rachel Hollon’s Spring Senior Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

One of my last senior spring sessions of the year is with this beautiful young girl. I met Rachel through my Kentucky Belle Rep Michelle and it was awesome to work with Rachel!

From her tomboy style, to her official FFA attire this senior took her session to the next level and made it all about what she loves.

And to me, that’s the best kind of session! I don’t want seniors coming into their session thinking they had to look like someone else, or dress like someone else. Instead, I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin and who they are!

If you love skateboarding and art, then take those talents and apply it to your session! Love horses and the ballet then incorporate that.

I never want to see a senior be forced to act or portray someone they’re not.

Frankfort Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Monica + Porter

Monica + Porter’s Sweetheart Session in Frankfort, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Things happen by chance. I had hit a point in my life where I wanted to travel and I wanted it bad! My one goal was to travel, but when you are the sole dependent for a sick family member, sometimes you have to put your dreams and plans on hold to be there for your family.

Luckily I met Monica + Porter. Not only my first couple to introduce me to a new area, but also they will be my first destination couple.

They were the true definition of a dream team. They worked together, talked things out, but most of all they had fun! They loved each other!

I’ve been to certain parts of Frankfort but never to downtown Frankfort, so when they brought up the idea of shooting there, I was so ready for it! The rich history of the place was alluring. Between the vintage movie theater and the historic government buildings, I fell in love with this place.

But I also got super close to Monica + Porter! Understanding all that they have been through together as a couple and individuals made their session so much more personable! I love the fact that I get to become close with my clients and make it feel like I’m with family and friends rather than just a client.

Lebanon Kentucky Maternity Session | Courtney Chesser

Courtney Chesser’s Maternity Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I wanted to give back this year and I want to make sure to do this from years to come, but I wanted to give back to mothers to be. SO I did a contest, and I failed to pay attention to a few small details, so I actually had to draw 3 winners name twice.

In this moment people would be yelling yikes because that’s a lot of free sessions, but I owned up to my mistake and I saw a chance at 6 people getting wonderful photos.

One of those six people being Courtney! It was a fun and different session for me because I’m use to momma and daddy’s to be, to be at the session, but this time it was Mother to be and Big Sister to be!

It really opened my eyes to help me realize that the world is all glitter and rainbows and that sometimes there’s not going to be both parents in the pictures. But the one constant factor will be the huge amount of love this little baby is going to get! <3

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Samantha + Mason

Samantha + Mason’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s Spring time! And the one place I’ve wanted to shoot at FOR THE LONGEST was The National Cemetery in Lexington! Now normally, there’s a few weeks throughout the month where the popular Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom.

But like my life, I’m always missing it by a hair, but in this case, we can blame the weather.

If you’ve ever lived in Kentucky then you know that the weather has a bit of a bipolar attitude. It could be raining at noon and than less than 30 minutes later it’s shining bright and in the high 90’s.

In this exact moment, that was pretty much how it was. We were suppose to have rain all morning and afternoon, but after a 15 minute drizzle storm, we was left with clear skies and a hot sun.

But! Samantha + Mason were champs! Even with the hot heat, it wasn’t a match for the chemistry between Samantha + Mason.

Between the beautiful scenery at the National Cemetery and let’s not forget how beautiful Keeneland is, this may in fact be one of my all time favorite sweetheart sessions!

Washington County Senior Prom | Prom 2018

Washington County Senior Prom Session in Springfield, KY | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

They say that rain on a wedding day is good luck, but what about rain on a prom day that happens every year?

No matter the rain, I was so happy that Pete and Theresa Thompson gave me access to their barn to shoot my Washington County Prom clients!

This is seriously a cute barn! And even with the rain outside we were able to capture some stunning images from each group!

Springfield Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson’s Cap and Gown Session in Springfield, Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Nelson County High Senior Miss. Emma Thompson was not ready to put an end to her senior picture career. Even though it was a mini cap and gown session, we wanted to make sure to hit all the spots we loved, including stopping by and getting attacked by all the pollen in those beautiful gold wildflowers.

This young lady has been so amazing to work with and I always say I can’t wait to see what my seniors do after high school, but with Emma, I don’t have to say that.


Because I know she will dominate anything she sets her mind too. <3

Springfield Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Clarissa Standiford

Clarissa Standiford’s Cap and Gown Session in Springfield Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s getting closer and closer to the last few days of this senior’s final high school year, which means it’s time for her cap and gown session.

Maple Hill Manor is one of the prettiest spots in Springfield. This bed and breakfast that sits on 15 acres is so peaceful, even with all the cute llamas and alpacas.

So it only made sense that for Clarissa’s cap and gown session we went somewhere beautiful and peaceful, so this place was a great choice.

Perryville Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Brianna + Michelle

Brianna + Michelle’s Cap and Gown Session in Perryville Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

What happens when you put 2 best friends together for a mini cap and gown session? You get an explosion of laughter, memories, and of course a few spaced out looks.

I can’t even begin to express what these two have meant to me. Their friendship isn’t like others. It’s unique, real, and caring.

They have seen the worst in each other and helped pushed through it. They have been there to see the other one suceed, and when one felt like they were falling, the other held on so they wouldn’t fall too hard.

But that’s what I love and respect from Brianna + Michelle’s friendship. They keep it real with each other but never stop believing in them.

I know you two will make it so far in this world and I can’t wait to see what you both accomplish together! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Emily + Alicia

Emily + Alicia’s Lebanon, Kentucky Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

A wedding that I have been so excited about, finally happened. I was so honored to work with Emily + Alicia during their sweetheart session and now their wedding day.

Now as I mentioned during their sweetheart session, when you go to a small local high school like Marion County, you pretty much knew everyone and everyone knew you. So of course I was beyond thrilled when Emily and her fiancé Alicia contact me about being their wedding photographer, I was over the moon ECSTATIC!!

When this day came, I was so excited! I was ready to try all different type of poses, shots, and even stepping out of my comfort zone and dragging a large group out to the Fredricksburg Bridge.

But, there was one tiny little thing that I was super excited about, and that was the details! Alicia bought her dress online and it wasn’t because of price or not finding one in store, but it was because she knew what kind of dress she wanted and had her sights set on.

PLUS! Both their styles are so different! Alicia and her love for flowers while Emily had a more passion for the simple yet stylish look.

Between the sunflowers and burgundy colors, I loved everything about this wedding. This was a day made for these two and the fact that I was able to be a part of something so special, it makes my heart so full! <3

Springfield Kentucky Maternity Session | Abby + Aaron

Abby + Aaron’s Springfield, Kentucky Maternity Session | Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This spring seems to be the time of mothers to be. With all the recent maternity sessions -and more yet to come- I can’t even begin to explain how Abby + Aaron were literally in sync and just made for one another.

One of my favorite local spots to shoot at is actually between Bardstown and Springfield, KY. The old iron bridge (that some refer to as the sweetheart bridge) is so beautiful in it’s old, charming way.

Between the blooming wildflowers and the castle-esk like structure down at the Valley Hill Shrine, we made this session intimate, fun, and vibrant.