Rebecca Beatty Photography


Fall in the City - Louisville Senior - Kentucky Senior Photographer

For some reason whenever Grace and I schedule one of her sessions, we are always faced with the curse of RAIN!! I honestly think that rain literally sits up there in a cloud watching us and waiting on us to shoot! Once we start, that's when he starts!! But luckily the rain was held off long enough to finish her fall session!!

Now if you know Grace you know she's not a big fan of nature. She likes the urban scenes, graffiti covered walls, Victorian architecture, and so much more urban, classic scenes. So starting out at Cave Hill Cemetery. it was the perfect spot with a ton of Victorian style architecture!

Going a little further back from the entrance of the cemetery was the actual Cave Hill Spring, a little low on water HOWEVER,

It has this HUGE lake!! With a duck who constantly sticking his butt in the air lol.

Once we finished at Cave Hill, we literally went down the street on Baxter Ave and found that it was ENRICHED with beautiful urban art! Grand pianos, a signature name wall, and nothing but bright, BRIGHT, colors!

We was running out of time but with this session, we wanted different! Something that would really set Grace apart from others. Again, we drove a little ways down from Baxter Ave to The Galt House, where we used the underground parking structure. There we set up the strobes and got amazing results!