Rebecca Beatty Photography


Historic Downtown - Senior Photography - Kentucky Senior Photographer

Alley is an amazing senior! And an even more amazing Country Belle!! All my 2017 seniors are wanting different! When you live in a small town, it's really easy for the same locations to be used over and over, get boring really quickly!! So when Alley asked about shooting at Perryville, I was game!

Perryville has a very rich history and even more beautiful land! So we started at downtown Perryville, and then we headed over to the actual battlefield -one of the most popular tourist attractions there-!

However, it does live up to being a very erie place. One of the most bloodiest battles during the Civil War, we kept hearing hooves galloping across the gravel. But here's the thing. There was no horses anywhere near us about creepy!

Anyways, check out some of these awesome sneak peeks!!