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Fall 2016...Just Changed The Game - Personal Post

For the past few years I have been shooting with a Canon Rebel T3i and don't get me wrong, that camera, literally is my baby. I was able to do so much with it! I learned everything I could about it just so I knew how to use it in what lighting, at what setting, all to get the image I wanted to.

Well, this past August, I did something that I was worrying about for a while. I upgraded. That's right, I finally dug into my pocket and did something beneficial for my business. I've had my eyes on this camera for about a year, but I didn't want a camera that I felt like I wasn't ready for yet. I wanted to wait. Well, that waiting went from one week, to two. From weeks to months, from months into almost a year and a half!

I know what you're thinking, 'bragging about buying a new camera, real nice."

Actually I'm not.

This blog post is personal and it's not to brag, it's a post about things I deal with on a regular basis still to this day. This post is to show all business owners and other photographers that you're going to hit some hard, terrible, 'I'm done, I'm over it, I'm going to quit' days where no one will book or buy a product from you. Others will tell you you're pricing is WAY TOO HIGH for them. That your work isn't what their looking for. And my favorite, you're just not good enough.

But we can't let those words eat us alive. Instead. I cherish those bad days. I keep those words in the back of my head. Not to make myself sad, but to remember what I went through to get to where I'm at now. In order to move forward three steps, you have to take five steps backwards. After all the pain, all the sweat, all the late nights of working until dawn, all the days I laid in bed crying because I was told I couldn't make it, THIS CAMERA, is my milestone showing that I have moved forward those three steps, and I'm ready to keep moving in the positive direction.

Now that the serious part is over, check out who was the first one to model in front of my Canon 6D!! <3 Ohh La La! My Country Belle Senior Rep Kate is always fabulous and so gorgeous!! Check out a few teaser shots!