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Finding Love at Cozy's - Lebanon Kentucky - Kentucky Engagement Photographer

This couple and their stories on how they met, what they have over come together, was truly inspiring for me personally. I always tell myself how I want someone to laugh with me (and at me) like Jesta and Jamie does. You know you have a real soul mate when you can do the things that others frown at. But even though it's frown upon, you don't care. You have someone in your life who loves you and loves the silly way you look after they make a corny joke, or they love you even when you eat the last slice of pizza. Whatever it is, that's the love I want, and that's the love these two have! I can't wait for their wedding, if it's anything like their engagement session, it's going to be wild! Heck, who else has shot in the very exact spot they met? ;)