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Simple Yet Stunning - Lebanon Kentucky - Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Bridal Sessions are becoming my thing!! I love being able to meet with the bride ahead of time, gawk at the dress that they will be walking down the isle in, and actually getting to know them a lot better!!

Bridal sessions are not necessary HOWEVER I highly recommend them. You never know what will happen on the day of your wedding. The weather could be crazy, someone is running late, something broke, the list of stressful things to happen on your big day goes on and on. With proper planning, this is where the Bridal session comes into play.

When you do a trail run with your hairdresser that's usually when we aim to do your bridal session that way hair and makeup is done. While planning this type of session out, we discuss time, location, theme (if there is one) we want these pictures to scream out who you are and what your marriage is all about. Once all the details are set, your hair and makeup is done, that's when we get the bride into the dress and the magic starts!!

Casey looked GORGEOUS!! Her long ballgown had a lot of tulle that I made her spin in, 'sachey chantey' in it, and overall brought out the beauty she already had! <3