Rebecca Beatty Photography


Look back at 2016....Part One

Sometimes memories hit you the hardest at night. Sometimes the recognition of some of the tiniest things, hit you the hardest at night and while I lay here I got hit with this thought.

I'm not going to lie, I actually got emotional about this thought. Everyday when I log onto Facebook I see -at least one- person that has started a photography business, and you know, people ask me if that worries me. In all honesty, not anymore. There would be times I would be so angry that I just didn't understand why they didn't want to work with me, what was wrong with me? I would LOWER my prices because I wanted to work with everyone. But you know what I was asked when talking about it with a local photographer and close friend?

"Why are you worrying about them? Why are you worrying about people that don't VALUE YOU?"

She had a point. Why was I worrying? All this worrying was doing nothing beneficial to me, but because of me worrying about these other business owners, I started slacking. And when that started happening, I hit rock bottom hard! I was late getting galleries out, CDs weren't going out as fast, I was on the verge of losing all of this hard work that I had put into my business.

So what made me change. I stopped caring about everyone else. I stopped caring about everyone who was starting a business, I stopped caring about the other photographers around me. I just stopped. Instead I focused on how I can make an impact on my clients. How I can give them an experience they would love!

At this moment, I'm currently re-branding my entire business. That also means revamping my collections for my seniors and wedding clients. I want them to have actual memories in their hands and not so much memories stored on a USB drive.

With each client we will sit down and have a Signature Country Breeze Viewing! This is where the clients and myself sit down and go through the images. Go through the possibilities of what a client can really get from a session with Country Breeze Photography :)

There's so much more coming from Country Breeze Photography in 2017!! So please join me on this journey as we make 2017 an AMAZING year!