Rebecca Beatty Photography


Arabian Knight Pre-Prom Session - Kentucky Senior Photographer

Prom season has hit Marion County and everyone is rushing to get hair appointments, makeup appointments, rides, and lets not forget prom pictures.

So during my vacation I got the urge to shoot, which happens more than I'm proud to admit lol. But I wanted to shoot! That's my problem! I love what I do! I love the fact that I can capture memories and come up with these unique ideas for my clients!

On this particular day Chelsea and me went beyond the normal. We did a pre-prom session! With Marion County's prom theme being Arabian Knights, I wanted her pictures to look like a desert, like she was in another country! So with some exploring, we found some clay dirt, rocks, and the perfect place to park without getting hit!

Check out some of my favorites from Chelsea's Pre-Prom Session! Currently I'm booking prom session for multiple counties! Visit the contact link above to message me about more details!