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Sweethearts and Twins? Part Two - Wilmore Kentucky Sweetheart Session - Kentucky Photographer

If you missed it! Check out part one of my Wilmore adventure here! So now I need to continue blogging about one of my favorite sessions to date! In the first blog about my recent sweetheart session in Wilmore, I talked about Aron and Alaska, in this one I had the pleasure of capturing the love between Aron's brother Adam and his beautiful girl Sarah!! Adam and Sarah are a bit different compared to Aron and Alaska, to me there's only one quote that comes to mind that I remember from my philosophy class in college when we was studying Aristotle. That quote was, "Love is composed of a single soul, inhabiting two bodies."

That quote! Is Adam and Sarah to a 'T'! Whenever I would look over at them, all you could see was how happy they made each other, and how happy they were just to be with one another.

I'm not going to rub it in your faces anymore about their love, but make sure to check out more of their sneak peeks below!!