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Adding in A Little Extra Love - Engagement Session - Kentucky Wedding Photographer

When ever I have a wedding inquiry, I meet with the couple if at all possible. How else are you going to connect with them? How else are you going to see how to act around one another? How are you going to capture their personalities? Casey and Frank I connected with immediately. It was probably right after the first photo below I knew I was going to have fun taking this couple's picture when I asked Casey and Frank to look at each other and together, they both said..."eww."

Not only that, but when they told me I could do a crazy shot, I knew they were perfect for me! They only had one request. Unfortunately they didn't get to meet their daughter, so they asked me if there was a way I could add her into the pictures. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love doing ghost images. So with that request, I made sure to make it happen.

Check out some of my favorite and special sneak peeks for this engagement session!