Rebecca Beatty Photography


The Modern Day Morticia and Gomez - Kentucky Sweetheart Photography - Engagement Photographer

Before I talk about how awesome this couple is I want to talk about the location. I have seen pretty, historic homes before. All kept up to date, well taken care of, antique furniture, but none really compare to The Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana! I arrived a little earlier than my clients and just wanted to take a few pictures to really capture the beauty this home had! But that wasn't the only beauty I saw!

Jessica and Mike are so freakin' GORGEOUS that's it's just not fair lol. Not only are they gorgeous but their fashion sense!! I mean they look like they literally just walked off a TV set! If you don't believe me, check out their sweetheart session below!!

PSSSSSSSHT....Don't forget to look at the unique ring too!!