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New Years Eve Together - Bardstown Kentucky Wedding - Wedding Photographer

This wedding was a little different than most. Not because of the decorations, but because of the time frame. Usually I work with brides between five to 12 months before the actual wedding day. Due to some military circumstances, the original date that Hannah and Michael picked out was thrown out of question! If they wanted to get married, they had to do so before January 2nd due to Michael's obligations to the Marines!! So with some help from family they pulled off this amazing New Years Eve wedding in a short amount of time!! Coming from a military family, you realize this. You have to understand when the military calls you go, there's no arguing!!

With that being said, Michael, Hannah, thank you both so much for letting me a part ofyour extremely special day! Also, a big thanks to you Michael for all that you do!! I wish you both nothing but happiness on this road that you're both traveling!!

Check out some of these amazing shots from this Marine and his precious ruby's wedding!!

To start, I have to say for a 2 day preparing for this wedding, these details were amazing!!

While I was taking a bunch of detail shots, Hannah was in the bridal suite getting ready, you could tell that she was a bit nervous, but they all disappeared the more she got ready :)

And sometimes you need just a few special shots with a special item!

While the bridal suite was occupied, Michael was outside with his best friend getting himself ready for one of the best days of his life...

While Michael was whispering 'I love you...' Granny was sipping on some red bull

Luckily, the rain stopped for just a little bit, long enough for us to get a few shots of Michael in his offical dress!!

As it was getting closer to the ceremony, Hannah started to get ready...

But before the ceremony, and before the first looks, Hannah and her father shared a special moment...

First looks can be traditional or modern! In this case, Michael did not want to see Hannah and Hannah didn't want Michael to see her, so we grabbed a blindfold and made sure (a few times) that Michael couldn't see anything lol

And then it was time...

I have to say every wedding I have shot, has had some amazing cake designers, and this cake was one of the best!! Besife Michael scaring everyone with his champagne popping skills and when Hannah's brother found out that the champagne was real, both was priceless

Hands down one of the best first dances EVER!!

A touching father-daughter dance, plus a sweet mother-son dance that was intruppted by a dancing prince lol

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
-Dolly Parton