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Wedding At The Airport - Bardstown Wedding - Kentucky Wedding Photographer

November 5th. Such a beautiful day, and such a beautiful wedding! We started the morning off at Laura's Uncle's house and let me just say this cabin was GORGEOUS! A man's cave, antique furniture, I was literally in photographer's heaven!! It also had some of the most perfect lighting I have ever seen!!

If you're possibly interested in some of the vendors or venue that information will be posted below at the end of the blog!! Check out this amazing wedding!!

And her dress?!? You want to talk about perfect!! <3

And not just hte location, and the details of the day was perfect. The family bond, the candid moments made this day beautiful!

I seriously think I could have taken a lot more dress shots lol!! But I couldn't get over how cute Laura's niece was and HOW -heavy- perfect her bouquet was!

And if you want to talk about some amazing artist, Emily, Leah, and Ashley are MASTERS at what they do and super friendly!! Also, can we please agree that the lipstick pictures of Laura look like an old Hollywood Star!?!

And when you're surronded by your best friends and family, it makes your day more comforting and full of laughs!

I'm sorry but then again I'm not sorry that bouquet is LIFE!!

When the guys arrived, I was warned. I'm not kidding, I was told they were hard-headed guys that would probably make me leave pulling my hair out. Ha ha ha! Jokes on them! Cause I'm the most hard-headed person I know :) But on a serious note, this was a closegroup of guys who literally kept me laughing -and kept me on my toes- all day!

Oh Sunnie! Can you stop being so cute!! Plus I started getting teary-eyed just a bit when Laura's Mom and sister -Michelle- started buttoning up Laura's dress. Her natural beauty was astonishing but this special moment between the women was just perfect.

Then when your girls see you in your dress...<3

First looks are starting to become a must with me!! Not just because we run out on time, but because it eliminates A LOT of nerves that both the Groom and Bride face. You get to talk to your love, you get a quiet moment, you almost get a moment to escape the craziness. Plus, how perfect are these in black and white?!?

All I can say is, I love this bridal party!

This venue at The Bardstown Airport at Samuel's Field was amazing!! It was my first time being there but Laura and Stan decorated this place in such a simple but stunning manner I had to get as many detail shots as I could!! AND! They defintely win for most creative Guest book lol!

When you have a chance to do more bridal party pictures with take some epic pictures with airplanes!! #dontarguejustdoit

Then it was time to not only have a kick-ass entrance, but watch two people become man and wife.

Even after the ceremony, we needed just a few more pictures, but a lot more candid shots and detail shots! Plus, this live band was awesome!!

The first dance as husband and wife, the father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance, it was all emotional, but a good emotional though!! The smiles, the tears, the tight embraces, it made these dances even more special.

But it wasn't just the dances. The cake eating -which turned into a cake smash- was something that I'll always remember! The songs that were played, the fight for the bouquet, and the slingshot garter, was moments that had not only me, but everyone laughing.

Laura, Stan, thank you both again for letting me be a part of your big day! Definetly one of my favorite weddings to date, and I know God has big plans for you both! <3

Getting Ready Venue: Family's Cabin

Makeup - Leah Graves of Schon Salon

Hair - Emily Platt-Rush and Ashley Sims of Schon Salon

Officiant - Amelia Satterly

Band - Hot Brown Smackdown

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Bardstown Airport