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Fields in Bloom - Kentucky Elopement Session - Elopement Photographer

I am so freaking excited about this session!! It my first time having a couple who eloped and wanted an elopement session!!

Elopements are becoming a pretty common way to get married and with Tabitha and Seth they didn't feel like they needed a huge party to celebrate their marriage. They didn't need to announce it all to the world. And I think that's why elopements have a little more intimacy about them. Instead of it being about everyone, it's about the bride and the groom.

With this elopement session, Tabitha and Seth wanted to stay true to their rocker personalities but also to their roots. They didn't want to go out of town for pictures, they didn't want fancy attire. They wanted to stay in Lebanon and wear what they felt comfortable in.

No matter the location, and no matter what they wore, you can truly feel how much they love one another by these images!! Check out some of my favorite shots from their session!!

Also! A big thanks to Fields in Bloom, in Nicholasville, KY! They made the awesome bouquet for Tabitha and both Tabitha and I were highly impressed with the quality!