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Blooming Love - Kentucky Sweetheart Photography - Engagement Photographer

This is one of the first time where I have literally been caught up on all sessions, all blogs, practically everything! My editing time has been knocked down, delivery time is quick and efficient. I honestly feel like throwing a party! Until then, let's talk about these sweethearts!!

Sami and Chuck are ENGAGED!! Woot Woot!! Unfortunately I won't be attending or shooting their wedding on October 7th due to another wedding client of mine, however I was so honored to work with them during this session!

If you grabbed a dictionary and looked up the word 'relax' you would honestly see Sami and Chuck's face right next to the word! They were so sweet and honestly fine with whatever, pose, idea, anything that I thought of. I mean come on, they jumped inside I bug infested tree just for me lol.

Check out some of these lovebird's images from their session! :)