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Run For The Roses - Kentucky Styled Wedding - Kentucky Photographer

I haven't been able to post these images due to a few postings, however, now is the time! I am seriously pretty happy with how these images turned out! I will admit, there was a bunch of bumps the day before and the day of the shoot, including Mother Nature wanting to rain on our parade! But luckily she held out long enough to get some amazing shots!!

Now there are a few things I want to point out.

This was a styled shoot. It's not a real wedding it's a wedding that I had planned out using a real married couple as my models. When I had imagined this shoot a little over three months ago. I had my vendors lined up, I had poses picked out, I had everything PLANNED down to the last detail.

FOUR days before the session, I get a phone call. The stationary artist who is upcoming, does fantastic work, said she overwhelmed with work and wouldn't be able to follow through with the designs and that she was sorry.

I won't lie, I went straight into panic mode. What was I going to do? I had this perfect picture in my head and now that image was gone.

Next day. I get another phone call. I was thinking maybe the stationary artist found some time! However, it was the florist and she was also unable to arrange the designs we had discussed and was not going to be able to assist.

Panic. Fear. Just complete stomach twisted into thousands of knots. Another big part of the shoot that was planned, was changed. And when I have a plan I have to stick to that plan.

Thankfully I have seven years of Photoshop Expertise under my belt and a JoAnn's Fabric Store is literally thirty minutes away and even though my backup plans turned out great, it was not what I was planning. So with that being said, all paper products and floral arrangements was made/designed by me. And a huge thanks to the lovely, fantastic, beautiful venue Bluegrass Wedding Barn!

Before I showcase these images that I am super proud of, I want to give my top three tips that I personally learned and maybe even y'all can use when planning out your styled shoot!

Tip Number One: If you need to push the date, PUSH THE DATE BACK! If you feel like you need more time to make sure the session ROCKS, do it. Don't rush into something that you think won't work out.

Tip Number Two: If you are working with vendors, make sure to communicate all.the.way. I understand that things happen and sometimes you can't commit to the plans you have made with other artist. But please! Don't wait until a few days before the session to say something. As soon as you know, or if you know that you can't handle what is being asked of you, save everyone's time and just decline. That's not going to make you a bad person. I actually would rather someone tell me 'I can't do it', weeks before, than last minute.

Tip Number Three: Just RELAX! The entire time, I was tensed, nervous, STRESSED and I felt like no matter how I shot, no matter what angle I shot at, my level of excitement was not at it's usual high. If I would have just took a deep breathe, and just went with the flow, I think the day would have been a lot better!

So, without further talking lol let me show off these gorgeous images from this styled shoot with Bluegrass Wedding Barn!! Definitely a venue that all brides should look into if you're needing that perfect location!!