Rebecca Beatty Photography


Glitter and 70's - 2018 Kentucky Belles Model Team - Kentucky Senior Photographer


I get to show off these FIVE amazing young ladies who are a part of the 2017-2018 Kentucky Belles (formerly known as Country Belles) Model Team!! Five gorgeous girls representing four different high school, each showcasing a different personality! I have been waiting to introduce these ladies for a bit but now I just can't hold it in anymore! The 2017-2018 Models are:

Kalei Cox representing Marion County High!!

Jaci Benningfield representing Bethlehem High!!

Michelle Hardin representing Washington County High!!

Amanda Miles representing Bardstown High

and last but not least Savannah Bell representing Marion County High!!!

For this group shot of all my girls we originally wanted to do a 70's theme in a arcade center. Exactly, tell me how cool would that have been?!? But due to some complications we went to the next best thing! We kept the 70's theme but moved it outdoors! AND....we added confetti and glitter! So please check out these amazing young ladies and some of my favorite images of 2017 thus far!!

"I'll never let go Savannah...."

When you ask a group of girls to walk and almost all of them fall

Note to self, don't let the red heads lead the way for the girl in platform shoes.

Note to self...again...don't leave the red heads alone with the girl with platform shoes cause then they want to carry her everywhere...

The part that we all love. Glitter. Confetti. And just remember...

"Throw kindness...throw love, like confetti."