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2018 in Review: My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Rings

2018 in Review: My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Rings | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I am loving so much of 2018 that I want to go out on a positive note rather than a negative! That’s why I created this 5 part series of 2018 in Review! I wanted to share some of the things I loved the most of this year and where I have already talked about the venues (which you can find here) I wanna talk about the bling bling.

The only different between this blog (and the others coming) is I won’t be going into a lot of detail about each ring. I can tell you the shape of the stone, some details but nothing like a venue.

So instead, I wanted to pick out my 5 favorite rings (which was so hard to choose from) and just show off how beautiful each one is!

Starting off the list is this gorgeous interlocking ring from Virginia + Mark’s wedding! (Their blog will be up soon! Promise!! ) The gold band of Mark’s and Virginia’s butterfly like interlock engagement ring and wedding band were so pretty!

#4 is the gold bands, the round diamond ring, and bright blue engagement ring from Trudy + Samuel’s big wedding day! Plus I love the engravings on the inside!

Gold bands seem to be so popular this year!! But I had to add in this bridal set from Madison + William’s wedding because these were actually his parents wedding rings! So with that they stood out to me!

Now this one and the next one was so hard to decide between, but my 2nd favorite wedding ring set of 2018 was from Katherine + Jeff’s wedding. I love colors and unique stiles, so when I saw the rings my mind was blew! So many beautiful stones and jewels that just fit Katherine to a ‘T’.

And last but not least is my number 1 favorite wedding ring from 2018 and that’s from Heaven + John’s wedding! I am in love with this diamond shape! Pear shape diamonds are my favorite and this one just screams at me!

So that is all for my favorite rings of 2018! I know there wasn’t a lot of talking behind this post, but that’s fine because I wanted everyone to just enjoy how beautiful each of these rings are! And maybe ladies, if there’s one you love, use it as a hint! ;)

Happy Holidays everyone! <3