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2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Bouquets

2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Bouquets | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you know me, then you will know when I shoot weddings the one thing I love the most (other than the couple) are the details! I love the dress, the shoes, the rings, and of course the flowers.

This is my second to last blog post about My Review for 2018 and I didn’t want to forget the florist who worked amazingly hard on these bouquets! And each one like the previous posts are my favorites because they are the most memorable to me!

Now I’m not the one with a green thumb or all knowing knowledge of flowers, so what I’m actually going to do is link the Florist business so you can personally reach out to them. I may leave a sentence or two about how beautiful I think the flowers look but overall if you want to contact them just click the gold link :)

Starting off the TOP 6 Favorite Wedding Bouquets is actually from the McDaniel’s wedding (which their blog is in the works! ) Stems Flowers created this stunning Christmas themed bouquet and I don’t know if I love the vibrant red flowers or the greenery more!

Now number five is different. The professional in this case was he bride! Alicia was actually the creative genius behind not only her bouquet but her bridesmaids too! One of my favorite bouquets because she made them and they turned out so pretty!

Another favorite from this year that is coming in at number four is from The Blair wedding! Jessica’s bouquet for her November wedding was created by Zachary Brady Designs who is a mastermind when it comes to her flowers! No matter what wedding of event he’s booked for, you’re in for a treat with his designs!

The picture above is the third favorite bouquet of all of 2018! Loper’s Florist in Lebanon,KY created Kelly’s stunning Easter/Garden theme bouquets and the brightly lit colors, the greenery, and the little flowers ready to bloom was so captivating!

We’re getting close to the end! But I don’t have the maker of this bouquet! *hides behind keyboard* Number two on my list is this stunning, classic, and unique bouquet from Madison’s wedding! The green that peeks out from the cream and white was beautiful but the pins and pearls were so eye catching! I have seen a brooch bouquet before but I have never seen one like this before!

And number one on my list is a bouquet from Martha’s Vineyard that Mandy had at her October wedding! I love colors and don’t get me wrong. But this bouquet had a couple of different things that I looooved! Like the Roses, hanging greenery, and little flowers that had pops of color.

But that is it! 6 of my Top Favorite Wedding Bouquets from 2018!! From pops of color to traditional bouquets, these bouquets have stood out the most to me!