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2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Dresses

2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Dresses | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Wedding Venues… check

Wedding Rings…. check

Next on the List of 2018 in Review, are the dresses!! Yes ladies that’s right! I am going to be talking about my 6 favorite dresses from 2018!!

As we all know dresses are the one item that ties the entire day together. And don’t get me wrong guys, you and your tuxedos or suits always look amazing, but 90% of the time, every guest is wanting to know what dress the bride is going to wear!

Now all the wedding dresses from 2018 were gorgeous. I can’t lie about that. Each dress fit the bride beautifully but these 6 were so beautiful that they literally stay in my mind!

Starting off this review is Kelly’s beautiful lace, trumphet dress from her wedding back in March! If you want a tradtional and romantic dress than you can’t go wrong with this Essense of Australia gown. The the lace detailing on the sleeves and the v-neckline are just a few details to love about this dress! that she got at Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique in Louisville!

Next on this list is this gorgeous a-line dress from June Bridals!! This dress was actually the dress that Alicia wore during her wedding to Emily! I loved this one so much because it was so simple but the back! The crossing pearls gave the dress a more feminine touch!

Plus coming from Alicia herself, she was a bit nervous to buy the dress (because it’s from an online store) but the price she paid for this gown was too good to pass up! And I’m glad she didn’t because it was stunning on her!

Just like the venues, this dress has stayed in the back of my mind! This fourth dress is actually from an October wedding (which those blogs will be posted soon! <3) at Maplewood Estate & Barn!

Now unfortunately Wedding Wonderland where Mandy got this dress is closed, so there isn’t a link I can give. However, the delicate lace design over top of the beige/champagne fabric was a STATEMENT! Mandy wore this dress like a boss and looked like a queen in it! It fit to her body perfectly even when she was breaking it down on the dance floor!

Now these next three I have been battling within myself trying to figure out which one was my all time favorite! And I finally decided that number 3 was Hannah’s dress from her October wedding! Hannah ordered her dress from and this website has actually been circulating for a bit the last few months! It’s an online store for brides where you actually can pay a small fee and have the dress (or dresses) shipped to you before you buy it!

Think about it ladies. Why spend hours in a store trying on dresses, when you can pay up to $15 per dress try it on in your own home and then send it back if you don’t like it?

My second favorite wedding dress of 2018 was Ashlee’s! At her wedding, she wore this BEAUTIFUL Morilee Milly Wedding Dress and it was to DIE FOR! Yes it was heavy, but the dress was so AHHH!

I know that’s not a logical way to put it but I have no words for this dress! The deep v in the back, the stunning horse hair edging, it was a dress that is unforgettable! Which is why it’s on this list!!

And last but not least is Erica’s TWO wedding dresses.

If you don’t know Erica + Eric recently had their wedding at The Louisville Palace Theater! But before they could have their wedding they ran into an issues with Erica’s dress.

Now ladies, we all have this vision of what our perfect wedding dress looks like. Down to the fabric, down to the shape, every detail, we know. Well Erica’s dream dress was not made correctly. So a few days before her wedding -which is suppose to be a stress free day- Erica had to start the wedding dress search all over again.

Luckily though at David’s Bridal, Erica found a dress that she said was perfect for her dream look. And it really was. She looked like the perfect Bride from a Tim Burton movie.

I know I said 2 and showed two different images in the post, the other dress was Erica’s reception dress! With a dash of va-va-voom and all the perfect details, Erica looked like she stepped out of a 1920’s speak easy and out on to her reception’s dance floor!

Having a last minute dress to save the day plus a beautiful and dreamy reception dress is why they are some of my favorites from the year!

And that’s it! Those are my favorite 2018 wedding gowns! Between the lace, the satin, the extra beading, or even the save the day kind of dress; they’re each beautiful in their own way!

What kind of dress do you have picked out for 2019? Was there one on this list you just loved? Leave a comment below! <3