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2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Venues

2018 in Review: My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Venues | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Because today is the last day of 2018! I wanted to do something that I wish I did last year but never sat down and looked through my sessions and weddings, and it just because a faint memory!

So today! I am posting 5 post about A Review for 2018! I wanted to go over favorite venues, my favorite rings, dresses, flowers, and then an overall reflection of 2018!

So let’s start this litter series off with My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Venues!!

Starting out at number 6 is The Berry Hill Mansion. I shot at this beautiful house in May of 2018 during Katherine + Jeff’s wedding which you can check out here!

Located in Frankfort, KY, this mansion has every option imaginable. From having a complete outdoor wedding and reception, to even hosting everything inside.

And lets not forget the architecture of this building! The beige stones was so refreshing to see because most older buildings are red bricks. Another reason that sold me was the balcony.

I. LOVE. BALCONIES! Tell me Katherine + Jeff don’t look like they own the place!

But overall, The Berry Hill Mansion made my list because the house itself is gorgeous, but also because of the many different options The Berry Hill Mansion offers for bridal clients!

Staying local to Marion County, The next place on my list is The Marion Barn! The picture below was taking during a fall night during Sarah + Trevor’s fall wedding!

If you know about Lebanon then you know that we have the famous Maker’s Mark Distillery but not a lot of options when it comes to finding a wedding venue locally.

So luckily the Daughtery’s opened up the Marion Barn! This place offers a Getting Ready Guest house (which you can see more of over on Kelly + Jeremy’s wedding), as well as outdoor or indoor ceremony options!

This was one of my favorite venues of 2018 just because there’s a lot that you can do with the barn! And with the small touches of chandeliers and back patio, this charming southern venue is perfect for any couple!

If you didn’t know, this year I was able to travel for my first destination wedding! Azul Sensatori by Karisma Hotels in Mexico was definitely going to make this list!

I was blessed to visit this location when I shot Monica + Hamilton’s destination wedding! This hotel was beyond GORGEOUS! I literally am trying to find all the right words to talk about how perfect it is!

I loved how friendly the entire environment was and how amazing the staff was with communication!

I won’t lie, my biggest fear about visiting an out of country venue was going to be the issue of communicating but this resort was perfection!

Azul Sensatori gives you so many options for wedding day (are you seeing a theme that I like my clients to have options lol) at this hotel, they create a day just for you that feels luxurious. Whether you’re exchanging vows on the beach or on the rooftop overlooking the water, this place will make your big day your dream day!

Are you still reading? Great! That means we’re on Wedding Venue #3 and that’s Maplewood Estate & Barn!! Now I am still working on posting my September-December Blogs so this picture is from Mandy + Nick’s wedding in October!

This was my first time shooting at this venue and I can not lie when I say it’s to die for!! Even with the on and off rain that we was experiencing, that didn’t stop the wedding!

Located in Millersburg, KY, this southern plantation style venue offers different ceremony options and you guess right! Just like the other venues, this one has MULTIPLE outdoor and indoor options!

From having an outdoor ceremony with church pews or an indoor barn ceremony, either way these owners make sure that your day runs smoothly no matter what the weather decides!

My 2nd favorite venue from 2018 is the Palace Theater in Louisville, KY!

I’ve never been to a concert, never been to a play here, so when Erica + Eric contact me about their wedding being here, I was game and so excited!

The Louisville Palace has some of the most amazing Spanish Baroque-style architecture that is so fascinating and dreamy! Not only was the main lobby, stage, and bar area of the Palace amazing, Mindy (the amazing woman who kept in touch with vendors) she even let us go up to the The Marquee Lounge!

The lounge is located on the second floor of the Louisville Palace where you can bypass the line with our private venue entrance and even play a little bit of pool before the show or wedding!

If you are looking for a venue that is little more sophisticated feeling, I definitely recommend this Palace!

And now it’s time for my number 1 favorite venue of 2018!


Number 1 favorite venue of 2018 is Elkin’s Grove!! This venue may look familiar as I shot both Lolita + Jason’s as well as Sarah + Cody’s weddings here!

I have worked with Miranda and have beautful venue close to 3 times now (but that number will be going up in 2019!) When you reserve the Elkins Grove barn, you’re not just getting the barn but you’re also getting the Cottage where you and your fiancé both can get ready!

And let’s not forget that your fee also includes the use of their tables ,chairs, linens, decoration and so much more! And of course, their outdoor ceremony spot is so perfect and peaceful!

Not sold yet? Well what if I told you, that if you’re wanting that perfect horse and carriage entrance for your wedding, you can rent that for your big day!

You definitely won’t be disappointed if you book a wedding here!

So that’s it! That’s My Top 6 Favorite Wedding Venues of 2018!! From rustic venues, to a more goth venue, I tried to pick locations that could be perfect for any bride! If you are interested in booking them feel free to click the links and contact the venues!

If 2018 was this amazing, who knows how crazy fun 2019 will be!