Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Fagan Branch | Sarah + Joey

Sarah + Joey’s Sweetheart Session in Lebanon, Kentucky at Fagan Branch | Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As much as I love to travel sometimes there’s obstacles in your way that makes you stop and realize it’s not about you getting to travel but making sure that your clients are happy!

Sarah + Joey here were actually wanting to take me with them to Jamaica where they were going to tie the knot, but due to some restrictions at the resort, I wasn’t going to be able to go! But hey! Atleast I can say this sweetheart session was a BLAST!

These two gave off so many vibes! Including Johnny and June vibes! Plus Joey can actually play the guitar and was evening singing to Sarah!

Oh my heart!!!

But what I love the most about these two is how they only had eyes for each other. There was multiple times during these shoot where we was laughing because t hey would be so lost in each other that they didn’t hear me talking lol.

Check out how much fun and love there was at this session! <3

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Keeneland Race Track | Cassie + David

Cassie + David’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky at Keeneland Race Track | Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

May can not get here fast enough! It’s starting to get harder and harder for me to be patient as I wait for Cassie + David’s wedding! As much fun as we had during their sweetheart session, I know their wedding will be just as fun!

I first met Cassie + David at a bridal show and when Cassie messaged me saying she was wanting to meet and talk I was excited! (Plus she said we could eat at my favorite place in Lexington and that’s HopCat for future reference, they have some of the best fries EVER!)

But during their consultation, I fell in love with their story! I was always told growing up that if you love something -or someone- then let them go, and if it loves you back, it’ll come back. And sure enough that quote is true because both of these two were young and in love, went down separate paths, and then met again at the same place where they first started dating.

If that doesn’t make your heart beat with happiness and love, then I don’t think you’ve watched enough romantic comedies than I have!

Check out just some of my favorite shots from their sweetheart session! <3

Bowling Green Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Brittany + Carl

Brittany + Carl’s Sweetheart Session in Bowling Green, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

There’s a true blessing in the wedding industry when you have amazing venue owners that have you down as a recommended photographer.

If you haven’t been to a wedding or checked out Elkin’s Grove in Smiths Grove, KY then you’re missing out. It’s actually how this couple found me!

Brittany + Carl first messaged me to be their wedding photographer, but before anything was signed we all agreed to meet up and see how well we got along.

Folks, I have never laughed so much with a couple while eating tacos.

Their love story about how they were friends as first but then fate pushed them together made me a little emotional (but come on now, if you know me you know I’m a sucker for a good love story).

So with all my wedding clients, I always offer a complimentary sweetheart session, that way I can see what the clients are like together before the big day, plus it gives me a great chance to work on my dad jokes lol.

We met up at Brittany’s best friend’s house and this place was so tranquil! It was so nice to be at such a beautiful place and the only noises you heard were from nature itself.

The beautiful thing about the love between these two is how well they get along and how they boost each other up. At the end I did a few headshots for Carl and you could easily hear Brittany in the back encourage her soon to be husband.

And that folks is not only teamwork, but some real love. <3


Louisville Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Erica + Eric

Erica + Eric’s Sweetheart Session in Louisville, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I try to keep these post about my amazing couples. How I met them, what they’re like, how they love one another, etc.

But this post may be a tad bit different.

You see, I met Erica + Eric online through a Facebook wedding group and they were both looking for a wedding photographer that could meet the expectations they had. One thing they wanted was someone who could shoot a big darker and more moody. As if they were almost working on Tim Burton film.

The day they posted that, I kind of shrugged my shoulders and SCROLLED PASSED IT! I was in a funk where I thought they weren’t going to book me. My style was starting to reach more bright and vibrant and they were wanting dark, and moody.

But then after yelling at myself for being an idiot and letting my funk control me, I left a comment and hoped for the best.

Later that night I talked to Erica via email and after a few back and forth messages, one phone call, they said we’re going to go through the list, and make a final decision in the next few days.

Well, as you can see by this blog post, the decision was made and I was going to be a part of their big day!

But as I mentioned, this post is a little different than normal. You see, we met in Louisville to shoot their sweetheart session just three days before their wedding day and before I even snapped the first picture, I stepped in a hole and sprained my right ankle. If the pop sound wasn’t the clear sign that I messed my ankle up, the fact that I couldn’t walk on it was.

But I didn’t want them to know that I hurt myself three days before their wedding! But let’s be honest they knew lol. They heard the pop too.

But I didn’t want to reschedule, not when the big day was so close. So I bit my tongue, gritted my teeth and limped around downtown Louisville as I capture their love.

A stupid thing to do, is what my doctor told me considering that a sprain can be a lot worse than a break, but hey when you’re passionate about something, you’re not going to just sit down and quit.

Erica + Eric picked me because of my personality, but also because of my passion and dedication for what I do. And no matter the pain, I’m going to make sure I put my best foot forward.

….ba bum tsk

Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Lauren + Codhi

Lauren + Codhi’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

“The beautiful thing about young love is the truth in our hearts that it will last forever.


What happens when you meet two people who love horses and are getting married? Simple. You take their passion and you add it to their session.

I first met Lauren Codhi when they were searching for a wedding photographer. After having a nice dinner with Lauren, Codhi, and Lauren’s mother Dana, we started the booking process and we was on the adventure of working together.

As I mentioned, Lauren + Codhi love their horses, it’s actually how Codhi proposed. So, with that in mind we all agreed to shoot at two places. A local horse farm that was owned by a close friend of Dana, and Fagan Branch which always has the perfect sunset views.

And let me just tell you that we not only had the perfect weather for this shoot but the way that each Lauren + Codhi brought out the best in each other is so beautiful! I can’t wait until their big day to see all this joy and fun on a bigger scale!

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Ashley + Ben

Ashley + Ben’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you checked out my Five Favorite Local Locations blog post, then you will know that I always advise clients to see if there are any special locations that mean a lot to them before we start going over popular and local places.

For Ashley + Ben the first place they wanted to shoot at was the UK Campus, especially the Kappa Delta sorority house. And let’s not forget posing with Bowman the Wildcat statue in the front of the The Wildcat Alumni Plaza.

Which I get why that name was voted on the most for the staute but I’m still thinking Bob would have been great too lol.

After we showed our UK pride, we ended the day at sunset at Keeneland Race course. One of my favorite locations to shoot at while in Lexington!! The seating area, the gates, and the clock towers gives the place a different look where ever you go.

But no matter where we were, Ashley + Ben couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, but most of all loving the tiny moments together.


Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Trudy + Samuel

Trudy + Samuel’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I will have to say one of the best decisions I had ever made was to participate in a bridal show. I can not even begin to explain how many amazing brides I have met!

Trudy was actually one of those brides-to-be that I met.

She was in love with my personality (so she says lol) and it did feel like we was going to get along perfectly fine! She was looking for someone who could capture her Reception Party with a fun, upbeat attitude, and I will say I fit that part perfectly.

At the sweetheart session is when I got to meet Sam and really see how both him and Trudy connect and interact with each other, and I swear they are perfect for one another!

We went to a few places but my favorite spot was Common Grounds Coffee Shop near Downtown Lexington and the reasons this was my favorite spot for this session was because it’s where they went on their first date.

Spots and locations that have meaning behind it, makes the session much more special! It gives the clients something to actually smile about because they feel like they’re reliving the memories and with those thoughts create natural smiles and laughs, which is what I want to capture. <3

Russell Springs Sweetheart Session | Kristen + Jeremy

Kristen + Jeremy’s Sweetheart Session in Russell’s Springs Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you ever talk about a couple that is up for anything, that is willing to go the distance, and even play in some lake water, than you must be talking about Kristen + Jeremy.

In Kentucky, let’s be honest, our weather never knows what it wants to do. Somedays the weather man may call for thunderstorms. You walk over to your door and the sun is shining bright with not a rain cloud in sight.

Other days it may call for Snow in May, or a tornado may peek in just to say hi. Basically what I’m saying is, you never know what mood Mother Nature is in.

However, Kristen + Jeremy and I, we thought we had the weather tricked and was going to get through this beautiful -and a little humid- session without any rain.

Boy was we wrong! (This would be the part where Mother Nature couldn’t decided if she wanted to keep raining or stop.)

But in all honesty, I’m so happy that it rained, because that rain changed the entire mood of the ending part of the session. Heck, even my clients wanted to go play in the rain -and lake-, all while I prayed I didn’t fall down the steep staircase and fall into the dark abyss.

Besides me being a little dramatic lol, this was a shoot that I think may be one of my favorite 2018 moments!

Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Willie + Kayla

Willie + Kayla’s Sweetheart Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

October is going to be one hell of a fun time! With a total of 4 weddings (and including one back to back wedding weekend) I will be working with Kayla + Willie on their big day!

Keeping their sweetheart session traditional and rustic, we shot at some local places here in Lebanon. Sporsman Lake (because there’s shade) and a small little creek that’s actually close to downtown Lebanon.

Scroll through the shots below to see just how much fun we had!

Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Hannah + James

Hannah + James’ Sweetheart Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can’t explain how amazing it is to work with former classmates of mine! As you have seen, I have had the pleasure of working with a few friends, but it makes me feel so incredibly excited because I get to witness such a special day in their lives!

Speaking of former classmates, I was so happy to hear that Hannah was getting married. And I won’t lie, I’m shocked I didn’t know sooner, but when you know how to keep your life off a Facebook and between you and your fiance…then yes I will say I’m jealous of that and wish I could do it lol.

But this blog isn’t about that. This blog is to show off how cute Hannah + James are! Coming back home to plan their wedding we was able to get together for just a bit to capture their sweetheart session and these two were so cute!! With all the urban spots we found, they shined bright!

Take a look at a few of my favorites <3