Washington County Senior Prom | Prom 2018

Washington County Senior Prom Session in Springfield, KY | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

They say that rain on a wedding day is good luck, but what about rain on a prom day that happens every year?

No matter the rain, I was so happy that Pete and Theresa Thompson gave me access to their barn to shoot my Washington County Prom clients!

This is seriously a cute barn! And even with the rain outside we were able to capture some stunning images from each group!

Lebanon Kentucky Styled Elopement | Danny + Chantz

Danny + Chantz Styled Elopement Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

So no matter how much I love this couple, I have to say that this is a styled shoot! Danyel and Chantz are not getting married! This was a styled shoot!

Now you may wonder, why I made that announcement. Simple, I didn't think it all the way through that asking two people who are deeply, madly in love to model that they are married would set off many members of their families which makes sense. If any of my siblings got married and didn't tell me, my feelings would be torn.

But the idea of this session was just to shoot in the snow -which melted away the night before- with a couple that I trust and really thought would allow me to be creative and try shooting in new angles and new poses. And I got just that.

Check out how amazing Danyel and Chantz are with some of the sneak peeks from this styled shoot down below!

Lebanon Kentucky Styled Winter Bridal Session | Amber Lucas

Amber Lucas' Styled Winter Bridal Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As I mentioned in my last post snow has finally arrived in Kentucky! In a way this makes me so happy, but at the same time, it makes me incredibly annoyed! Lol! I do not do so well in the cold. Now during the Summertime, I can handle the hot weather. Why? Cause it's my favorite time of the year. The cold on the other hand, I can't deal with because once I'm cold, it's over, I can't get warm again lol.

However, I always, ALWAYS wanted to have some winter bridal pictures (without me having to photoshop snow) so when it did finally snowed I called this gorgeous model Amber, who actually was one of my seniors last year -you can check out her senior session here, her after prom session here, even a fun shoot to show off her beautiful tattoos- and as always she was down!

We didn't shoot for long because this weather was getting colder, and we was actually about to have ANOTHER snow storm ten minutes after we started! So even with fifteen minutes, these twelve images are some of my favorite! Check out this last minute styled shoot with a vintage bridal gown and a bright bouquet below!

Recently I asked on my Facebook VIP Group about what y'all my clients would like to see more of and there was a lot of options from everyone! One of the the popular choices was what to wear! So I figured I would start a four part series for seniors on what to wear!

This post is dedicated to what to wear for spring! Now these are not items that you have to wear, just an idea. The main idea of this post is for you to have an idea on how to style your wardrobe choices for your spring session!

What I normally tell senior clients is before you just throw a bunch of outfits together, pick out one article of clothing that is going to be the main look. Like the outfit below.

One of the popular trends for this year's spring fashion is neon/bright colors. So below, the outfit has a bright neon turquoise and orange statement necklace. This necklace can literally stand out all by itself! With it being bright and a statement necklace, it wouldn't make sense to pair it with a romper that had some sort of pattern.

Instead why not pair it with a neutral shirt, like the white over the shoulder blouse, and then some black ripped pants, and then match one of the colors in the necklace for your shoes. Even adding in some stud earrings of a single color will bring the outfit together.

I love this outfit for the simple reason it can fit a few different styles. This can be girly, rocker, even sporty if you pair it with sneakers.

It's always been a fashion rule that you're not suppose to wear white after labor day however with spring, one of the popular color choices is white! I love spring outfits because there's always that pop of color and you can add white in to brighten the outfit!

With the outfit below we wanted the focus to be on the red off the shoulder dress but pair it with two other pieces to make it look girly with a little flare. By pairing it with a classic jean jacket and a pair of white ankle boots it made this outfit BOLD!

For spring, I LOVE crop tops and metallic items! So for the outfit below we paired some distressed shorts with a bandana pattern crop top that shows off the shoulders and a little bit of the stomach. Crop tops add that extra personality flair to an outfit as well as their fun to wear! To top off this outfit, we added in a tassel necklace that the girls can play with, hold, etc in a few shots that way their hands don't tense up. But my favorite item in this set are the ankle boots! <3 <3

Incase you can't tell, I love boots lol but a lot of people think that ankle boots can only be wore during the fall and that's not true! Ankle boots can be wore all year long! Especially metallic boots like the one below! They add in that extra POP!!! Such a simple but fun outfit!

Now what if you're not about the girly side? What if you don't like the bright colors or dresses? Then this outfit would be right up your alley! Cargo pants have always been in style and their super comfortable to wear! So using that as clothing piece to build on to you can add a lot on to have a rocker vibe!

The outfit below we have cargo pants with combat boots, again, you can tuck the pants legs in or leave them out. Me personally, I think tucked in looks better, because if you have a design on the boot it'll be visble. As for the top, I would recommend a graphic tee like the one below! "No rain, no Flowers" And to keep up with the rocker vibes, pair it with a leather jacket and some aviators! Both of these accessories can be used to play with! Throw the jacket over one shoulder, rest it off your shoulders, pull the glasses down, place them on your head, the ideas can go on and on.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Really Rebecca! Red again!! " And this would be the part where you roll your eyes! But y'all!! It's no so much about me saying wear red, wear red! What I'm saying is BOLD. BRIGHT COLORS! Spring is a season for color! It could be orange, green, blue,, yellow, what ever color it'll work with this set!

The great thing about the outfit below is it has it's girly perks and it can all be a tomboy look! Pairing the dress with a bomber jacket and a pair of sneakers and we have a sporty tomboy look. Don't want sneakers? Add in a pair of open toe booties with chain hoops for a more rocker girl look. And of course! Pair it with some black kitten heels for that girly look.

You can't have a spring session without a romper! And a floral one at that!! This next outfit is super cute and chic! This romper (That has pockets, how can you hate something with pockets) paired with a blush pink (or a pastel pleather jacket) would be classy!! But let's not stop there! Add a neutral color wedge or heel with a simple gold chain and we have a classy chic look!

What do you get when you mix lace and rompers together? You get a super cute outfit! Lace is something that almost every girl loves! Especially blush pink lace! This romper -to me- just drew me in and I had to include it in as a potential wardrobe item!

When paired with bold jewelry (like chandelier earrings with neon pink tassels) and a pair of strappy heels make this another chic and girly outfit idea!

When you think of spring you think of this classic look! A chambray blouse paired with a lace skirt or shorts is a classic look that everyone can rock! Strappy heels, wedges, or even a pair of plain sneakers will make this look your own!

Want to add bright accessories? Try a belt of color or even neon color earrings like the ones below!

I promise this may be the last romper I use as a reference (possibly) but I really wanted to share this one because what is the one thing you think of the most when you think Spring? My first thought is spring break! So why not add some tropical prints into your look! That tropical romper would look KILLER (with it's racer back details) and a layer necklace! But this is the part where we can kindof add a few pieces to make it a classy rustic outfit. By pairing it with a chambray blouse and a neutral ankle boot (this lace up bootie is to die for) makes this outfit one of my faves!

We've talked about a few different outfits, but lets talk about a more modest approach. Again, I love spring but I love spring break. So I wanted to play on that tropical feel again and looove this beautiful island body con dress! It flatters the body and covers it from shoulders down to your calves and once paired with a pair of heels, this outfit is amazing on it's own!

But! Add on a thin over sized sweater with a bracelet set and this will give everyone the island, spring break feels!


Just like coordinating your outfits for sweetheart sessions, you want to make sure that you're not matching your items together, instead coordinate them with one piece as we mentioned earlier. With the image below we have a halter style, floral romper (or a floral dress) that we paired with navy velvet ankle boots but a neon yellow watch and earrings. We already have blue being our main color so to compliment it we added in the yellow. You can always change this out for a more metallic gold if that's what you prefer!

Again to add an accessory that you can throw over your shoulder, or wear and tie in a knot, is a denim button up. Roll up the sleeves for a few shots if you plan on wearing the bright jewelry!

 The cool thing about Fashion is you can mix different styles and still have a feminine sporty look. The next picture is one of my favorite alternatives to a girly look. This sporty look has the classic ripped skinny jeans paired with a graphic tee and a pair of high tops with a little gold accent. With just those three items you have a cute simple look that you can pair with some bracelets or even a watch BUT! To go the next level, try layering! Layer a track jacket underneath a leather jacket which again, gives you that chance to have 3 different looks with the same basic items.

Now this next outfit can be used not only for spring pictures, but also could be used for fall (just change the footwear)! But I love using caridagans in spring pictures because here in Kentucky, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. It can be 75 degrees one moment and the next day it could be 40, you never know!

With keeping the weather in mind, the jeans and the floral tank top is a nice and basic outfit that will still make a great outfit for pictures. But let's go the next step! Let's make it a little more cozy!! By adding an off the shoulder cardigan, again we give the hands a chance to show movement and relax rather than being stiff!

Last but not least is my favorite outfit! I love jeans and I love the color red!! So I really wanted to include a fun outfit that kind of brought in textures, colors, even that extra step of boldness!

With this outfit the color red was the main focus point! So we paired a pair of high wasited skinny jeans with red-velvet ankle boots (that you could wear over the boots or tuck in), ombre tassel earrings that will POP when we take a close up portrait shot, and last is the rose embroidery crop top! 

Now I mentioned early that crop tops are fun and add a lot of personality to your session! Now this top has the bell sleeves with the details that can be used to catch your eye in close up shots and in full portrait shots!

Now if you don't wanna show your stomach, you can always use a similar top that has embroidery or even a simple color shirt with bell sleeves! The options are endless!

So that is it for this What to Wear: Spring Edition! Again these are not set in stone, 'you have to wear this' outfit choices. These are just ideas used for you to see all the different options!

Velvet, metallic, bright or pastel colors, floral prints, are just some of my favorite items but here is a list of more items that you can always try to build a spring outfit around!

  • Floral/tribal/animal prints
  • Sequins
  • Stripes and Polka Dots
  • Preplum Tops
  • LACE
  • Varsity Jacket
  • Maxi Dresses that are full
  • round sunglasses
  • Fringe/Faux Fur Jackets
  • Thin Cardigans
  • leggings
  • chokers
  • chandelier earrings
  • Pleather or fuzzy textures
  • Sheer clothing
  • Overalls

Are you excited about your spring session? Comment below on which outfit is your favorite!

Campbellsville University Graduation Session | Lolita + Brittany + Savannah

Lolita + Brittany + Savannah's Graduation Session in Campbellsville, KY / Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It's not every day I get to photograph a college senior's cap and gown session, let alone three best friends. I met Lolita and Brittany at a bridal meeting, I actually got to be their photographer on one of the biggest days in their lives!

And that's honestly how I met Savannah! She was a bridesmaid at both their weddings! When they had approached me about doing their cap and gown pictures, I couldn't say no!!  I was so proud of each of them for staying focus and accomplishing such a big goal!

I love each of these young ladies and know that they will take each of their degrees and go far! Check out how amazing each of these young ladies are below!

Campbellsville Kentucky Bridal Session / Ashley Willis Smith

Ashley Willis Smith's Bridal Session in Campbellsville, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can't stop bragging about this bride. I mean everything from the flowers her MOTHER designed, from the gorgeous one bedroom cabin that was her venue, and that dress!! Mamacita!!

When I offer bridal sessions it can be used for the bride only or for the couple! In this case, we decided to give all the attention to Ashley!! I literally can not tell you how much I am in love with this girl's entire assemble! The perfect hair, the cutest sunflower bouquet, and high heels that couple probably sparkle all night long! But, let's not forget that dress! <3

The lace and embellishments balanced one another out PERFECTLY!! I have seen a ton of beautiful dresses, but this one, this may be one of my top three favorite wedding dresses ever! I really don't want to talk anymore about how amazing this dress or this woman is, so instead scroll on down and check out this beautiful woman's bridal session! <3

Styled Tattoo Session / Amber Lucas

Amber Lucas's Styled Tattoo Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can not preach enough about how much I love this girl! The modern day Snow White is forever going to be her new nickname!

When I'm stressed out, feeling burnt out, I like to have a session where I can let loose, breath a little, and try out new lighting and poses! So when I called Amber and told her I had an idea, she was more than happy to shoot!! Raven black hair, white as snow skin, you can see why I want to call her Snow White lol. But with her looks I knew I wanted her in this dark red dress I owned that I knew would show off her killer tattoos that Amber Goens created!

Enough of me and my long rambling about how awesome both Ambers are, scroll down below and check out some of my favorites from Amber's tattoo session!!

I often get asked a lot, "Rebecca! What do I wear?? What does he wear!?!"

And even though this is a question asked a lot I decided a blog was needed to provide a few tips on what you should think about wearing!

The number one tip when deciding on what to wear, is dress to comfort!! If you're a casual couple then it doesn't make sense to rent a extravagant gown and tux to take pictures downtown. You're going to look and feel uncomfortable and when you look uncomfortable I'm going to see that in each picture we take. So make sure you're comfortable in the outfits.

The second tip is also pretty important!! Do NOT wait until the night before to pick out outfits. You'll be rushing around trying to find outfits that go together and by the time you get to the location you're going to be aggravated because you don't think the outfits coordinate. With that being said, just make sure you get your outfits together at least a week ahead of time.

By now you're probably getting a faint idea of what you're wanting to wear! And that's great! The next tip is another biggie! You want to incorporate your style into it! This plays back to tip one. When you're comfortable in your own style choice then you show more confidence as well! You're smiling more, laughing more, and you're going to have a better time during the shoot!!

When picking out clothes and matching items together make sure to keep in mind what fits your body type! This is tip number 4!! If you're not a fan of your thighs, then you wouldn't want to wear shorts right? So keep in mind when trying the clothes that you want to dress the body YOU HAVE, not the one you saw in a magazine.

Do you have a dress that you love but has a low neckline? Not to fear! My next tip is add in a statement necklace that doesn't take attention from the ring! With a close up shots it'll actually add interest to the picture! Plus! I know a lot of friends that are photographers that are not big fans of patterns, textures, and prefer you to wear simple fabrics. I on the other hand LOVE floral patterns, plaids, lace, sequins!! If you have a floral dress or a gold sequin cocktail dress, wear it!! A black shirt and jeans or a white button up and dark pants will look AMAZING with a sequin dress where as a navy floral dress would look perfect with a light shirt and jeans or even khakis.

My one fear when I'm working with sweethearts is they're come walking towards me looking like twins rather than a couple about to get married and I know you don't want to look-a-like! So instead with this tip, think about what colors go well with each other. For example, the picture below. She's wearing a white floral print dress with hints of pink, so he wore a pink polo this is a way to play off what the other is wearing.

Also if you're wearing neutral colors (say you're in a white dress and he's in dark khaki pants and a white button up) then add in a bright of color with your shoes or your jewelry! Not only do they make the picture 'pop' but they show off your personality!!

Tip number seven has to be broken up just a bit because it's another biggie! Which it seems all these tips are biggies to me, but anyways! You want to dress for the location you've picked as well as the time of the year. I highly doubt you would be wearing fur boots in a John Row Boat in the middle of summer or even wear jean shorts during the fall time. With that being said:

Summer - When it comes to summer beaches, downtown, flower fields are popular choices for locations. So ladies keep in mind that flat shoes (or barefooted), breathable fabrics and shorter hemlines are a must! Guys, it's even more simple for y'all!! Shorts, jeans, or khakis are ideal pant wear. Polo, plain shirts, or button ups are preferred picks for male clients!

Fall - Fall is the time of the year where temperatures begin to dip, leaves are red, yellow, and orange, and it's the perfect time for longer sleeves, layers and sweaters! If you're taking photos outdoors, try to pick a color palette that works with your surroundings.  The two set of pictures below show natural colors (creams, browns, tans) being paired with darker red color or even a navy blue. Again with the pictures you can see how the couples are complimenting what the other is wearing!

Winter - Even though the air is a lot colder, that shouldn't stop you from picking out some cute outfits! Usually during the winter this is the chance to get a little festive with your sweetheart photos—after all, you have a lot to celebrate! To make it feel festive, consider metallic embellishments. Also monochromatic embellished pieces (like gold sequins) will give your engagement photos just enough sparkle without becoming distracting. Even your fiancé can wear a dress shirt in a crisp solid color to complement your glittery outfit. Not big into being festive? No fear! Layers, sweaters, and solid color jackets paid with snow boots and jeans will make your casual sweetheart session beautiful!

Spring - Spring is the season that is all about pretty pastels, florals and dreamy details! So don't be afraid to add lively touches of color and whimsical prints to your outfits! Another fun part about spring are the accessories!! Think about flower crowns for a few shots or even a few vintage pieces to add a little flare to your images!

But with the pretty pastels and floral prints, spring can also bring a lot of rain showers. WIth that being said, go with the flow! If it's raining, throw on a lightweight sweater over a flirty dress or skirt—you won't freeze if temps start to drop, but you'll still look fresh. Plus right now with guys, If he's opting for dressier attire, a blue suit is totally on trend and he can always remove the suit jacket for a more laid-back look.

So that is it! Those are some of my personal tips to help you pick out what to wear for your sweetheart session! Again this is a personal opinion of mine to help you pick out the perfect outfits for your sweetheart session! If you have any questions or you're interested in booking a sweetheart session then feel free to contact me here!

Making An Experience - Senior Photographer

When I first started this business, my main goal was work with seniors that couldn't afford senior pictures. I wanted to offer them quality products without really hurting them financially.

Even though I would love to say that's still my goal, it's actually changed. Even though I wanted to help those who couldn't afford quality senior pictures, I was actually hurting my business. I was spending so much money and time on these seniors that when I would calculate all the expenses, I was in the red.

Not only was that an issue I was noticing, I also noticed that I wasn't offering them something other than pictures. They didn't have an experience with my business. We shot for a few hours, got a CD, and that was it. There was nothing that made their pictures stand out and say WOW.

Fast forward to tonight when I'm sitting here trying to force myself to go to sleep, but I can't. It bothers me that I'm not giving Seniors something that they can treasure. So, I finally decided it was time to make a change. To make an experience.

With that being said, Seniors of 2018 and beyond will be offering two different Collections! The first collection offers a set session time. This means we shoot normally around three hours and we will shoot in two different locations, and have up to four different outfit changes! We will actually plan out the ideas you have in person that way we are all on the same page!

The last thing I offer in the First Collection is a Premier Viewing Session! In this viewing session we open your private, password protected gallery and look at the best of the best from your session! If changes needed to be made, we address them at that time!

The Second Collection is a little more full day shooting rather than just a few hours. In this collection, we offer Professional Hair and Makeup.

When you go to a professional to have your hair and makeup done, I can not tell you how amazing the pictures are! These artist have tricks and tips that I wouldn't even dream of knowing to keep your makeup and hair lasting all day. Plus that actually gives me a break from having to edit makeup on to you!

The next part of the Second Collection is the UNLIMITED SESSION TIME. I can not tell you how many times we had ran out of time due to timing or weather and we didn't capture the shots that YOU really wanted. This collection gives you a day to be who you truly are! So having this time frame gives us that needed time.

Just like the previous collection the Premier Viewing Session is included in! Again we will look at all of the best of the best images and make any changes and ordering as well, will be done at this time!

But there is an heirloom item that I'm actually adding into the Second Collection. That's the leather heirloom box with custom USB!! I am in love with these 8GB USBs!! With a elastic holder to guarantee no scratches while your USB is in the box, this heirloom box also has a custom cover! With this feature we can actually place your favorite picture on the front!

I am so excited to take this new journey with all my seniors!!! If any of my current seniors would like the The Black Leather Heirloom USB Box, they are currently available!! Just contact me directly!!

Speaking of the heirloom USB box, check out what one looks like below!!

Things I Wish I Would Have Known - Starting Your Own Photography Business

The photography world is constantly growing! More and more photographers are finding their true calling and following through! However, there's a few individuals who find this calling but have no idea where to start. Let's be honest, starting a business is scary! It's difficult! But it's all worth it in the end!

Today I'm going to give you my personal Top 10 Tips in starting your own photography business!

#1: Know Your Camera!

So you got that super nice camera for Christmas, your birthday, and you love taking pictures with it, but do you know the limits of your camera? Do you know what ISO means? Aperture? How about Shutter? If you answered no to any of these questions, or if you think you're in French Class (don't worry lol you're not!), than I highly recommend calling over a friend, or even using a child or a pet for a test shoot! Test shoots help you learn how to not only use your camera but accomplish perfect exposure.

Exposure is when you use Aperture (blurry background or sharp background), Shutter Speed (how fast or slow you're wanting to capture your image), and ISO (how much light you want to let into your camera) to create the perfect lit picture.

Now each person is different! So please keep that in mind! For one photographer's 'perfect exposure' may be bright and crisp, while some prefer the more dark, moody exposures. With doing test shoots you're able to find out how exactly you want your photos to look.

#2: If You're Charging Rates, It's No Longer A Hobby

Y'ALL. This is a BIGGIE! Uncle Sam does not play when it comes to his money. So when you're starting a photography business remember, you need to make sure that you have all the proper forms filled out. You're no longer a hobbyist. You're a business owner. So you have to think and act like a business owner. You have to have those papers filed with the Government, you also need to figure out:

  • COGs - Cost of Goods - how much time are you wanting to spend editing? How much time are you wanting to spend with a client?
  • CODB - Cost of Doing Business - this is not the same as COGs. CODB is figuring out how much your supplies will cost, how much is your internet, your phone, supplies, basically anything you pay for, what will it cost your business?
  • Register your business name
  • File for a Tax ID Number

On top of those things to keep in mind, also remember you're not "Just A Photographer". You're a book-keeper. A customer service rep, a secretary, a CEO, a branding wiz, and so much more! A lot of people assume we just click a button, but there's so much more work than just that.

The thing about this tip is that it can go on and on and on. So I highly recommend that you check out The LawTog. This is by far one of my favorite websites that has helped me understand the business side of owning a business since I started!

#3: Shoot For Free

This one may ruffle some feathers but personally, it's a tip that I stood by for years, and still stand by it. I officially didn't start charging clients until two years AFTER I figured out the ins and outs of my camera. Now to some this may seem stupid. Why would you give your products away for free? Why did you do that Rebecca? It's simple. I did not believe I knew enough to be considered a "professional".

Yes I knew how to talk to people, yes I knew how to use photoshop, but back to tip number one, I knew nothing about my camera. I did not feel like I had the right to just randomly charge a client when I wasn't going to give professional pictures.

Shooting for free gives you the best time to test the waters. See if you are actually going to follow through with running a business.

#4: Fit Will Hit The Shan

I'm not going to lie, being a photographer has not been all Unicorn Frappuccinos, and rainbows. There has been some bad days where I just wanted to quit! There's been days where I felt like everyone hated all the pictures I posted. There's been really bad days when things have happened and it was just a giant mess! But here's the thing. You can dust your hands off and call it quits or embrace the failure. Every time I have messed up or failed at a shoot, I made a note on what I did wrong. Whatever I did wrong I made sure to remember that next time I should do this, to avoid that mistake again.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day,  neither will your business. Take your time and learn from your mistakes.

#5: Stop Buying Unnecessary Gear!

I am SOOOOOOO guilty of this!! When I first started out I figured that I need this thing that this World Famous Photographer was using. I needed all this studio lighting equipment that this other Famous Photographer was using. It was just basically need, need, need! When come to find out (when I was way way WAY down in the negatives in my bank account) I hate studio pictures. I hate using a exposure disc when it does NOTHING. You really should only buy the equipment that you know you have to have! Remember, quality over quantity.

#6: Stop Worrying About Your Competition

If you noticed in the last tip I talked about what other photographers had, so I thought I needed that. Here's the thing. STOP. Stop worrying about your competition. Let's be real just for a minute. Let's ignore the funny jokes, and be serious. As photographers, we are one of many. Every day there is new photographers up and coming and when we start getting upset because they chose the same career as us, it's making us take our focus off of what's important. What's important is that we focus on what we can do to better OUR business. Worrying about some John Doe and what he is doing for his business, isn't going to make you more successful or a better photographer than him. It's actually going to cause you to stress and more than likely there will be a nagging voice in the back of your head making you feel defeated.

#7: Don't Believe Everything Your Read On Facebook

Let's say you're having a fantastic day. You're feeling pretty hot in your yoga pants and that cute barista at the coffee shop just gave you their number. You're feeling it. Then you open Facebook. It's like you're being swamped with everyone's success! One photographer got published, one photographer got thousands of likes on a picture, they just keep popping up as you scroll further and further down your news feed. 

At that moment you look down and you realize you're in yoga pants. You realize that your coffee is all wrong, and feel that emotion of being defeated slowly creeping up on you. You start wondering, what in the world am I doing wrong?!?

Let me tell you. You're believing what everyone is posting on Facebook. Not everything that you read on Facebook is true. But you know how you can avoid that feeling of defeat? Be happy for them. Lying or not, be positive! Enjoy the cat videos where they are scared of the cucumbers and enjoy the funny Kevin Hart memes. Don't start devaluing yourself and your work at other's success.

#8: Join Local Photography Groups

I really wish that I would have done this a lot sooner. I have met some of the most amazing ladies and men that have not only help build me up, but have offer such kind words that it keeps me going. Facebook Photography groups have a bunch of people that are like you and me. There are beginners in there, there are experts. And most of the groups that I'm a part of, I don't feel judge, I don't feel like I don't belong there. Instead it's the exact opposite.

If you haven't already, search for photography groups on Facebook! BE VOCAL in them! You have a question, ask!!! You never know, you could learn something new and meet some of the best people! I know I have! (I love my EKP gals and guys!! <3 )

#9: Learn From Constructive Criticism

I can not tell you how many time people have gotten so mad at me for asking for constructive criticism. Here's the thing, CC is the best thing ever! Have you ever stared at a photo and thought something was wrong with it? You posted it on a Facebook Photography group and people start giving you back comments on how to make it better. Instead of you looking at it with a positive mind, that people are wanting you to succeed and grow, you're looking at it like they are picking on you. That they are making fun of you.

They're really not. Constructive criticism can help you grow. Others may have experienced the same mistakes that you are going through and can help you fix the problem! This photography community that I love is more about helping you succeed. Because we've all been there.

#10: Have Respect

I can't preach this enough. Respect will get you a long way. I was raised to always respect someone and the work they do and there's a lot of photographers that I feel forget that this is much needed. When you start being rude, back talking, overall tearing someone down, you lose respect not only from clients (current and potential) but other photographers as well.No matter where they are at in their business, give them respect. Would you want someone disrespecting you?

And that's it! Those are my personal Top 10 Tips in starting your own photography business! Leave a comment down below on what you found hard about starting your own photography business!!