Campbellsville Kentucky Cap and Gown Session | Hayley Slone

Hayley Slone's Cap and Gown Senior Session in Campbellsville, KY | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I love working with more than just high school seniors! This beautiful senior made the next step in her educational journey and graduate from COLLEGE!! I love seeing individuals chase after a dream or a goal and accomplish it! That’s what truly is inspiring! When you set a goal and you work until you give it all you got just to finally say, hey I made it and you can too!

We started off at some downtown spots in Campbellsville and ended up at Campbellsville University where Hayley will be taking her next challenge and getting another degree!! Have I mentioned how inspiring she is??

Go ahead and scroll down below and check out Hayley’s mini cap and gown session!

Lebanon Kentucky Indoor Portrait Session | Skylar Godbey

Skylar Godbey's Indoor Studio Portrait Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

You know you have a good model -and a best friend- when after a year or two of not working together, you pick back up where you left off like there was no break at all.

Skylar and I met almost four years ago, when I had private messaged her on Facebook, I was trying to get started in building a boudoir portfolio. After meeting up for some lunch at one of our local diners/restaurants, we both was game on the idea!

Fast forward to this year and my business has grown, Skylar has been published, has started an additional career, and we decided it was time to meet up and shoot again!

No exotic themes, no boudoir, just a simple indoor portrait session. And guys, she killed it!

I can't express how fun this shoot was! I can't wait to shoot with this beautiful woman again! Hopefully soon! Check out just a few of my favorites from her indoor portrait session!

Lebanon Kentucky Indoor Studio Business Headshot Session | Emily Gordon

Emily Gordon of Green Tree Calligraphy's Indoor Studio Senior Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I had the pleasure of having a temporary studio for about a week and I loved being able to shoot indoors and work with some many seniors and business owners. Even though she's a 2019 Kentucky Belle, I was so happy that Emily jumped on the chance to grab a mini head shot session!

Her calligraphy art is out of this world!! If you're interested in contacting her about making invites, wedding signs, etc then please contact her here!

Lebanon Kentucky Indoor Studio Portrait Session | Amber Lucas

Amber Lucas Indoor Studio Portrait Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As I mentioned in my last post, indoor photography scares me, but after playing with my new flashes, my gels, I really want to offer indoor portraits to professionals as well as seniors!

Having indoor sessions like this one and the previous one gives you more options to look through and decide on what you like vs what you don't.

Some people may love the idea of having an indoor setup and an outdoor setup, while others just want to be outside. And though I agree that I love being outside, sometimes the weather disagrees.

With this indoor session I had the pleasure of working with Amber again and we both decided to play with gels, all the gels! We wanted color against the solid black background I had.

And even with the lights we needed to add some "fog" in just a few shots. But check out how much fun and colorful this session was down below!

Lebanon Kentucky Fall Portrait Session | Emily Gordon

Emily Gordon's Portrait Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I love working with members of my community so when Emily and I was talking about how gorgeous the sunsets have been the past couple days before her session, we decided to jump on the chance and shoot! Plus, I wanted to celebrate how amazing Emily's calligraphy is! (Which you can check out her work here...)

I found a spot (by complete accident even though everyone I know goes to it) and it's the Calvary creek! The rocks, the creek, and the light the leaks through the trees is so DREAMY! It's one of my new favorite spots!

Check out how dreamy this golden hour session with Emily was below!

Lebanon Kentucky Portrait Session | Nima Patel

Nima Patel's Portrait Session in Springfield, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I've always wanted to work with someone who has a different culture than I do, different ideas about life, etc because you actually get to open your mind and see how they see everything. So when Nima and I started talking about a portrait session we spoke about her wearing some of her traditional dresses that she loved. And. Let. Me. Tell. You. I was blown AWAY!!

I definitely fell in love with these dresses! So much personality and so much color!!

Check out Nima's portrait session below! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Tennis Session / Emily + Colin

Emily + Colin's Tennis Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty


Here recently I made a "Photographer's To-Do List". And you're probably thinking, ok it has to be like getting editing completed, meet with clients, upload, etc etc, when in fact it's not. I try to make a "To-Do List" or a Bucket List for that month. I want to be able to do a few projects each month that make me happy. So for June I really had only one and that was to shoot a sports session.

Now I have worked with sports teams before but I really wanted to work with two individuals to practice posing -not only for women and men- but also for the sport itself. You wouldn't pose a golfer where he was dunking the ball into the hole would you? Or have a football player throwing a ball at a few bowling pins? No. You have to be realistic while having fun and thankfully I worked with Emily and her boyfriend Colin.

It's a great relief to work with people who are so kind and willing to make sure to make your idea work! We didn't shoot for long but I swear these are some of my favorite shots!!

To see more from their tennis session, scroll down below and leave them some love!

Springfield Kentucky Junior Session / Emily Gordon

Emily Gordon's Junior Session in Springfield, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

There are times in my life where I get a little over booked, a little over whelmed, and I feel like I can't breathe. It's because I feel like there's a small spark missing when I shoot. I feel like the sessions aren't as perfect as I wish they could be and when this happens, it's time to step back and do a random shoot and that's what I did with Emily!

After shooting a few sessions that day, I messaged Emily and asked her if she would be up for shooting for just a few minutes (30 tops) before I could even say another word she was immediately messaging me back and telling me she would be there in 10.

Even though we shot for the last 30 minutes while the sun was up, these turned out to be amazing and be some of my favorite shots!

Scroll down and see how awesome these shots are!!

Marion County High School Senior Prom / Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edward's Senior Prom Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

After living in Lebanon for a few years I moved into my current house and that's when I first met Sarah and her parents. Fast forward to 2017 and it's time for her to graduate! *cue the tissue box* It's really weird to see her already graduating high school! I literally just took pictures of her elementary graduation what feels like yesterday! But enough gushing over how fast time flys!

She was such a gorgeous girl in a beautiful dress! Plus she had a cute piece of arm candy ;) lol! Check out some of the images from Sarah's Senior Prom session.

Marion County High School Senior Prom - Gabby Vanwhy

Gabby Vanwhy's Senior Prom Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

April 28th. The day before these two senior's very last prom! I actually had a wedding booked this year on prom day so I wasn't going to be able to do prom pictures, so I announced I would do day before prom sessions. I was beyond happy to work with Gabby again for this special moment!! Plus can we just talk about how gorgeous that dress is!? And that bouquet that she made HERSELF!!

Check out these stunning pictures from Gabby and Brent's Senior Prom Session!