Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Maddie + Chance

Maddie + Chance’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This is one of my new favorite spots! I have always wanted to shoot here for such a long time so when Maddie + Chance mentioned shooting at the University of Kentucky Arboretum I. WAS. GAME!

This place is beautiful! Between the structures, the wild flowers, and that beautiful sunset this was EVERYTHING!

Plus the connection these two had was magical! They knew how to make the other smile or laugh without saying anything and was just so natural in front of the camera! It makes my job so much easier when couples are natural and take direction so easily!

Alabama Vacation Part Two | Chantz's Surprised Proposal

Vacation and Surprised Engagement Proposal in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

So I may have told a little lie in my previous vacation post about why I had the chance to go to Alabama.

Yes I was invited by a close group of friends because they know I want to travel more and that I was in need of a vacation. But Chantz had other plans.

Now that name may sound familiar and it should. I have worked with Chantz and his girlfriend Danyel for a while now. And if you read the title then I’m assuming you’re putting the puzzle together and you know exactly why my friend Chantz wanted me to for sure come along on this trip.

If you don’t, it’s because Chantz + Danyel brought up the idea of us going to Alabama around February, well Chantz private messaged me and told me ‘Hey you’re coming to Alabama.’

My first thought was ‘Okaaaay sure I’m going. You’re crazy.’

But after Chantz confessed that he was wanting to propose to Danyel, I knew for a fact, I was going to go to Alabama.

After driving for ten and a half hours, I arrived at the air bnb that the group rented and after some private planning between everyone -but Danyel- we had a plan that after we went to the beach, we would do some “Sweetheart” pictures. The idea of the sweetheart pictures was to give everyone else time to set up the beach so that everything was perfect.

I get emotional all the time but it’s different when you witness such a special moment for two of your closest friends to start a new journey together.

Check out below the fun sweetheart session we had in Orange Beach, Alabama that led to such a special surprise engagement!

Frankfort Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Monica + Porter

Monica + Porter’s Sweetheart Session in Frankfort, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Things happen by chance. I had hit a point in my life where I wanted to travel and I wanted it bad! My one goal was to travel, but when you are the sole dependent for a sick family member, sometimes you have to put your dreams and plans on hold to be there for your family.

Luckily I met Monica + Porter. Not only my first couple to introduce me to a new area, but also they will be my first destination couple.

They were the true definition of a dream team. They worked together, talked things out, but most of all they had fun! They loved each other!

I’ve been to certain parts of Frankfort but never to downtown Frankfort, so when they brought up the idea of shooting there, I was so ready for it! The rich history of the place was alluring. Between the vintage movie theater and the historic government buildings, I fell in love with this place.

But I also got super close to Monica + Porter! Understanding all that they have been through together as a couple and individuals made their session so much more personable! I love the fact that I get to become close with my clients and make it feel like I’m with family and friends rather than just a client.

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Samantha + Mason

Samantha + Mason’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s Spring time! And the one place I’ve wanted to shoot at FOR THE LONGEST was The National Cemetery in Lexington! Now normally, there’s a few weeks throughout the month where the popular Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom.

But like my life, I’m always missing it by a hair, but in this case, we can blame the weather.

If you’ve ever lived in Kentucky then you know that the weather has a bit of a bipolar attitude. It could be raining at noon and than less than 30 minutes later it’s shining bright and in the high 90’s.

In this exact moment, that was pretty much how it was. We were suppose to have rain all morning and afternoon, but after a 15 minute drizzle storm, we was left with clear skies and a hot sun.

But! Samantha + Mason were champs! Even with the hot heat, it wasn’t a match for the chemistry between Samantha + Mason.

Between the beautiful scenery at the National Cemetery and let’s not forget how beautiful Keeneland is, this may in fact be one of my all time favorite sweetheart sessions!

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Stephanie + Sevric

Stephanie + Sevric’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If there’s one place in Lexington that I love and I don’t care to shoot at over and over, it’s the graffiti wall over by the coffee shop Third Street and Stuff. I can’t get over how beautiful the mural is! Between the message behind it (which has been interpreted differently) and the bright vivid colors, I knew this would be the perfect spot for Stephanie’s + Sevric’s sweetheart session!

They both didn’t want somewhere that rustic and country, but wanted an urban, downtown city look. And Lexington is full of downtown spots! Right down the road from these murals is Gratz Park!

I know, Rebecca you just said they didn’t want rustic.

Well they didn’t and Gratz Park is a cute little park that has so much urban details to it. The tall columns of The Carneige Learning Center and let’s not forget The Alexander Moore and Peter Paul House!

Seriously how cute is that pink and blue house?!?

But of course! We had to play with a little off camera flash too! We ended up near The Square in downtown Lexington and just our luck they had the fountains on! <3 Talk about a beautiful way to end the night!

Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Danny + Chantz

Danny + Chantz’ Sweetheart Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I’m sure if you’ve been following my blogs and my sessions then you know who these two people are. Danny + Chantz have been one of my constant clients. Through the summer heat, to the blooming of the spring flowers, we’ve continued to work together.

But this spring session was more than just a sweetheart session. It was also a small session to celebrate Chantz graduating from Campbellsville University.

I’m so happy to be able to work with friends and be the one to capture all the small moments that mean the most to their lives.

Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Brittany + Austin

Brittany + Austin's Sweetheart Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I love being able to work with people from my past and my high school days lol! I remember these two just as they are now, inseparable. So when they asked me to book a sweetheart session with them I was over the moon, well…kind of.

You see, Austin was the first one to message me, but he was trying to keep this session as a surprise for Brittany.

But let’s be real for a moment ladies, we know when our man is trying to hide something, and as hard as Austin tried, Brittany knew something was up and just like that the surprise was out and in the open lol.

I can’t express how fun and different this session was. Yes I am use to working with sweethearts that are a little nervous, but I’m not use to shooting inside a firehouse! This was something that I have always wanted to do but wasn’t sure how to accomplish. But I took what I knew, took the love these two have, plus their ADORABLE dogs, and we made this session completely theirs.

But the firehouse wasn’t the only place that these two loved and wanted to shoot at. We also decided to take the finally part of their pictures out at Brittany’s family farm. Between all the beautiful dogs, the adorable -yet large- cows, I seriously felt at home and it made so much sense why Brittany said this was her happy place.

Check out how we combined both things -and locations- that these too loved and made this session their own down below!

Harrodsburg Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Taylor + John Robert

Taylor + John Robert's Sweetheart Session in Harrodsburg, Kentucky | Kentucky Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I can not tell a lie, but I loved worked with these two and I loved shooting at Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, KY again! With over 3,000 acres this place is perfect for finding the perfect spot for all your picture needs. With the restaurant, the meet and greet of the farm animals, and 2 waterfalls, this place is a dream!

And as much as I would have loved to have taken Taylor + John Robert to one of the waterfalls, the distance and the weather was not having it.

But not to fear because like I mentioned with so much beauty around us there was no way that I wouldn't be able to capture Taylor + John Robert through these images!

These high school sweethearts that love their dogs, their families, and their faith, showed their personalities that I made sure to capture in each image we shot. Weather they were laughing at John Robert for expressing an idea to ride the long horn bull, or both of them cracking up as I explained how they should walk while crossing their legs over one another.

No matter what is was, these lovebirds were an absolute pleasure to work with!

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Kelbie + Austin

Kelbie + Austin Sweetheart Session in Lexington Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If I have said it once, I'll say it again, photographers if you're not a part of bridal shows you need to be! I have met so many wonderful people and couples that I have grown to love and respect so much!

Speaking of love, let's talk about Kelbie + Austin. From dating on and off in high school, going down different roads, but love literally brought them back together. Even though they both were shy at first, once we started the session, I started asking questions about their relationship, they naturally opened up and we were able to capture some of my favorite shots using the 21C Hotel in Lexington, KY as well as shooting at a local horse farm that was beyond beautiful. Trust me, growing up in the horse capital of the world, and a horse lover, this farm was GORGEOUS.

If you would love to see some shots from 21C Hotel, the horse farm, as well as the love between Kelbie + Austin then scroll down below! <3

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Callie + Heather

Callie + Heather Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As photographers we run into a tiny issue -which in reality is a big issue- of being booked up on someone's wedding day. And normally we try our best to find a photographer to fit their needs.

Now, I wanted to work with Callie + Heather immediately. And I know some photographers don't work with same sex couples which is fine, that's their business not mine. But me? I don't see color. I don't see sexual orientation. I don't see judgement (unless it's needed) but when it comes to love, that's all I see. I see two people who would travel to hell and back for this one person who understands them, who connects with them, and would stop a bullet for them.

From talking to both these young ladies plus Callie's mom at a recent bridal show; we laughed, we discussed the big day, we even talked about how they met, but unfortunately I was booked. And it's moments like this that break my heart because I love being able to work with clients who love me, love my work, and want me to be a part of such a special day.

Not even an hour after they left my booth, Callie's mom came back and had asked if there was any sort of a waiting list. I told her I would be more than happy to keep her name down and let her know if there was any type of date change.

Sure enough on my way home, the date they wanted, that bride moved her wedding to another date. It was like a sign. So after a call, another meet up, a signed contract, they were booked and it was time to start planning their sweetheart session.

I have shot in Lexington multiple times, but this was a first because I was tired of the same poses, I wanted something more real and this was the perfect time to test out how I could pull emotion from a couple.

If you want to see real love and emotion between Heather + Callie then scroll down below and check out some of my favorite shots.