Smith Grove Kentucky Wedding | Sarah + Cody

Sarah + Cody’s Wedding in Smith Grove, Kentucky | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

One of my favorite couples plus one of my favorite venues, made this wedding maybe my number one favorite of all of 2018! Sarah + Cody’s wedding at Elkin’s Grove was so amazing. And I know I say that a lot but seriously it was.

Their big day had such a rustic and elegant twist to it that it was unique and different than most weddings. Not only did it have this tradtional, classy, elegant atmosphere, there was also a fun feeling in the air.

Between the laughter, the jokes, the ‘weird cropped face of Cody’ bandanas; the gift exchange is what really pushed the emotions and made everyone cry.

And I loved it!

I know that sounds bad I love seeing people cry, but it’s not that! I love seeing two people who are truly in love with one another cry tears of happiness because a day that they have planned for such a long time is finally here.

When you put two people together, who basically read each other’s minds, who just connect on another level that only people dream about (me being one of those people) it makes you live in their emotions and it’s natural to want to cry with them.

Sarah + Cody, thank you both so much for your amazing patience and kind love while working together! I pray every night that God blesses you both with more lazy days, smiles, and of course more Marvel movie dates! <3

Frankfort Kentucky Wedding | Katherine + Jeff

Katherine + Jeff’s Frankfort Kentucky Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It was my first time shooting at the Berry Hill Mansion, but it wasn’t my first time working with Katherine + Jeff. This wedding was by far one of my favorite weddings this year due to the details only! From the table decor, to the little pins on Katherine’s bouquet, everything was perfect and it fit these two to a ‘t’.

If you know me, you know I love details shots! I feel like in order for you to cherish the memories then having little shots of the flowers, the decor, the way your grandmother holds your hand, things like that do have meaning, and I want to make sure to capture it.

So for Katherine + Jeff’s wedding not only did I want to capture all the details but I wanted to capture their personalities in these images.

From the laughter, the funny shots, and even the intimate moments, I can’t express how blessed I am to be able to work with these two! I know y’all will have many years to come of laughter and pure happiness!

Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Emily + Alicia

Emily + Alicia’s Lebanon, Kentucky Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

A wedding that I have been so excited about, finally happened. I was so honored to work with Emily + Alicia during their sweetheart session and now their wedding day.

Now as I mentioned during their sweetheart session, when you go to a small local high school like Marion County, you pretty much knew everyone and everyone knew you. So of course I was beyond thrilled when Emily and her fiancé Alicia contact me about being their wedding photographer, I was over the moon ECSTATIC!!

When this day came, I was so excited! I was ready to try all different type of poses, shots, and even stepping out of my comfort zone and dragging a large group out to the Fredricksburg Bridge.

But, there was one tiny little thing that I was super excited about, and that was the details! Alicia bought her dress online and it wasn’t because of price or not finding one in store, but it was because she knew what kind of dress she wanted and had her sights set on.

PLUS! Both their styles are so different! Alicia and her love for flowers while Emily had a more passion for the simple yet stylish look.

Between the sunflowers and burgundy colors, I loved everything about this wedding. This was a day made for these two and the fact that I was able to be a part of something so special, it makes my heart so full! <3

Jamestown Kentucky Wedding | Brittany + John

Brittany + John’s Jamestown, KY Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

The start of this morning was unlike any others. The drive from my house to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park was peaceful and so scenic and once on the road to the cabins where the girls and guys were getting ready, it was just full of light and wildlife!

Once I arrived at the cabins, it was full of excited women all ready to celebrate the lucky bride to be and Brittany was ready -and a little nervous-.

But who wouldn’t be nervous on such a big and special day?

With a few last minute changes and trying to take advantage of the warm weather, we started the getting ready process outside on the back deck. Between some laughter and the little ones running around we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

My favorite part (one of my favorite parts) is when I get to start doing the bridal party pictures. And normally after I work with the ladies, we do a first look (if they want one) then the guys, etc etc. But! John had such a special surprise for Brittany.

At every wedding, we always wish that our loved ones that have passed on could be there. And John knew how close Brittany was to her grandmother,so to some it was just a simple purple jewelry bag.

But it wasn’t.

Inside that simple, velvet, purple bag was a necklace where John had Brittany’s grandmother’s items melted down and formed into that very special gift.

I can’t lie, gifts like this always leave me teary eyed and emotional. To me gifts like that mean so much and I’m a hopeless romantic so what can I say lol.

Speaking of romance, this day was full of it. From the little kisses before the ceremony, to the officiant’s kind words of wisdom. This day was made for them and I was so honored to be a part of it. <3

Frankfort Kentucky Wedding | Heather + Jon

Heather + Jon's Frankfort Kentucky Wedding| Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

There's always that saying that rain on a wedding day is good luck. Everytime it rains I have bad luck lol. For Heather's + Jon's wedding I ran late to her hair appointment, there was a wreck on my way up, and my car died LITERALLY 20 minutes away from the salon. One of the worst ways to start a morning!

But when I finally arrived at Salon Bleu, Heather looked so beautiful! She looked like a true princess!

Now you may remember Heather + Jon from their sweetheart session in Nicholasville, KY but for their big day it all took place in Frankfort, KY at the Glen Wilson House. Now I have shot some bridal portraits of Heather here before, so I knew the location PLUS with it being a rainy day that bridal session saved us time!

But overall this wedding was truly beautiful through rain or shine. I had the most pleasure in watching two people join not only together, but two families become one. If you love seeing people in love and seeing their big day, then scroll below and check out all my favorites shots from the big day!

Frankfort Kentucky Bridal Session | Heather Luna

Heather Luna's Bridal Session in Frankfort, KY /Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

The past few weeks have been some of the most intense days ask wedding season kicked off with a huge bang! Including this beautiful bridal session at the Glen-Willis House in Frankfort, KY!

Now what I loved so much about this venue was it was my first time -and soon to be- first wedding in Frankfort! And this is another reason why I love bridal sessions!

Bridal sessions give me the time to look the venue site over, see how the lighting will look, but also get to see the beautiful dress!

But the bridal sessions aren't always about bringing attention to one person. It can be focused on the bride or the couple! Let's say hypothetically that on the big day it's raining and we needed to get the portraits of the bride and groom, this is the perfect session to use!

We plan (usually the day after or the week after) to work together just for an hour or two to grab portraits of you and your significant other. Think of it this way, no rain, no stress, no one yelling at you to hurry up, just you two.

Sounds like a good idea to me lol.

But enough about what a bridal session is, how about we talk about Heather's bridal session! Golden hour light and the wedding gown that had the definition of a "princess" dress! We had such a blast! But stay tune cause her wedding photos will be posted soon! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Kelly + Jeremy

Kelly + Jeremy's Lebanon Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

"She focused on God. He did the same. God gave them each other."     -Bliss

It's a true blessing that I get to wake up every morning being able to work on my own time, support myself, all while living out my dreams!

But out of all these blessings, some of my favorites are when I get to work with friends. Just real quick I want to explain my feelings when my old friends, classmates, etc message me telling me they want to work with me or they need to work with me.

My heart explodes.

And no I don't mean actually explodes but the fact that they have seen how far I have come, how hard I work, and respect me as a business, it makes me feel more love than I can even express.

But enough about my feelings, Kelly + Jeremy was and always will be one of m favorite couples and favorite weddings of 2018. If you haven't seen their sweetheart session yet, then I highly check that out first to just see how much fun we had!

And that's exactly what we had. FUN. This wasn't a day for everyone, it was a day meant for these two. Yes they loved having their family and friends there, but most of all, they loved the fact that with their love for God and Jesus, they are the reason that Kelly + Jeremy even met.

And as my momma has always told me, God and Fate walk together in hand in hand. What he has planned for you is a blessing that you will never see coming.

Speaking of God, this Easter-Garden theme wedding took place the day before Easter and that date, plus the decor, it all fit together and made this the best way for me to kick off my 2018 wedding season.

Kelly + Jeremy I can not express and thank you both enough for the amount of love you showed me on y'alls wedding day and before that. I pray each night that God blesses y'all with endless years of happiness and laughter. With kids who tell some of the best "dad jokes" and play baseball/softball like a champ!

Thank y'all again for letting me capture such a special day! <3

Lebanon Kentucky Styled Winter Bridal Session | Amber Lucas

Amber Lucas' Styled Winter Bridal Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As I mentioned in my last post snow has finally arrived in Kentucky! In a way this makes me so happy, but at the same time, it makes me incredibly annoyed! Lol! I do not do so well in the cold. Now during the Summertime, I can handle the hot weather. Why? Cause it's my favorite time of the year. The cold on the other hand, I can't deal with because once I'm cold, it's over, I can't get warm again lol.

However, I always, ALWAYS wanted to have some winter bridal pictures (without me having to photoshop snow) so when it did finally snowed I called this gorgeous model Amber, who actually was one of my seniors last year -you can check out her senior session here, her after prom session here, even a fun shoot to show off her beautiful tattoos- and as always she was down!

We didn't shoot for long because this weather was getting colder, and we was actually about to have ANOTHER snow storm ten minutes after we started! So even with fifteen minutes, these twelve images are some of my favorite! Check out this last minute styled shoot with a vintage bridal gown and a bright bouquet below!

Lexington Kentucky Wedding | Andrea + Thomas

Andrea + Thomas' Lexington Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I first met Andrea back during one of first weddings in Bardstown! She was there doing hair and makeup and she had actually messaged me the night before the bride's day asking about my pricing!

We talked about our love for the Mario Brothers (Nitendo '64 was the best days of my life), our passion for Game of Thrones (let's be real, Khal Drogo got killed off WAY to quick!) and overall just what exactly she was looking for on her big day!

Fast forward to this past November and it was actually one of my more relaxed weddings. Yes it was beautiful, but what made it beautiful was two people who love each other so much actually got to have a big celebration with the people they loved the most.

That's what, to me, makes weddings the best. Instead of thinking you have to throw a party bigger than Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl, you instead celebrate the reason on why you're both here in the first place. Because you can't live without the other person.

Andrea + Thomas thank y'all so much for letting me be a part of your special day! I hope God blesses y'all with many years to come! <3

Columbia Kentucky Wedding | Brittany + Kyle

Brittany + Kyle's Columbia Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Growing up, I was always told love was a very precious thing. My grandma was the one who told me that. She also told me that love was basically a person. We loved "Love", sometimes we hated "Love", we laughed at it, we cried over it, but overall every single one of us has love for someone or something.

Brittany has love for Kyle and Kyle has love for Brittany. You can see it the way they laugh at each other's jokes, or the way they dance with each other. It's romantic. It's almost like you're watching a Nicholas Sparks movie in real life just minus all the sad parts because let's be honest, this day was one of the most happiest days of these two lives!

Real quick I just want to talk about this venue because I have never shot here before so as always I try to Facebook creep and see what the place looks like just to get an idea of where the best places would be for pictures, and those pictures do not do any justice for the place!

So much open land! The Bed and Breakfast is so cute and cozy with each room having it's own little theme, and the outside ceremony area was TOO DIE FOR!

Plus. One thing that I love the most about weddings is all the details! Flowers, jewelry, shoes, and the food (this bride made my dreams come true when she had a taco bar <3 <3 <3 ) But it's those small details that takes this love story -and every other love story- that I get to be a part of so much better!

Congrats again to Brittany + Kyle! Thank you both so much for your patient hearts, kind words, and all the stories y'all told me on your wedding day lol. God bless you both and y'alls future!! <3