The Kentucky Belles of 2019 | Rebecca Beatty Photography's Kentucky Belles Team

Rebecca Beatty Photography’s Kentucky Belle Team Session in Springfield Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Hello everyone! I figured it was about that time to introduce the 2019 Kentucky Belle Team! We do have one missing at this time but! Let me introduce everyone!

  • Abigail Bartley - This Marion County Senior is motivated and caring and knows for the fact she’s going to be a physical therapist! With a classy and athletic side, she’s ready to make her senior pictures unique and active!

  • Danni Keeling - Coming from Thomas Nelson High, this free spirited senior has plans to attend college but only with a creative major! She wants to be around people but also explore the world!

  • Emily Gordon - Coming from Marion County High, Emily is a young entrepreneur who’s passion doesn’t stop at calligraphy or playing the piano, but also her love for Tennis! She’s planning to continue to run her current business but may also be an art teacher as well!

  • Haley Kennedy - Haley is our second Kentucky Belle that is coming from Thomas Nelson High! With her goals set on at first working with the FDA, she’s found a new passion for the Marine Life! I see a water shoot in her future!

  • Kaitlyn Hale - Coming from my original high school (I was going to graduate here before I moved to Marion County! Go KNIGHTS!) this Washington County High senior is the true definition of being a member of her community. Between FFA and being a part of her Teen Leadership group, this farm girl has big dreams to become a Vet!

  • And Trinity Baker! - And last but not least is our second Kentucky Belle from Washington County High! This softball and volleyball loving gal loves the urban scene! But also loves to teach! With hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher, she’s ready to show off her elegant and classy side!

So that is all of them! Unfortunately Danni was able to come to this group session but don’t fear! We will be doing more group sessions soon! Until then check out the fun we had at our All-American July shoot!

Alabama Vacation Part Three | Orange Beach Alabama

Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you haven’t read Part One or Part Two of my vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama then check out those two post first!

This was my last day in Alabama and again I relaxed a little too much and forgot to take pictures of everything. I did however not forget to take beach photos lol.

With the engagement that happened the day before (check out the part two blog post) we were all just trying to have fun before it was time for some of us to start making the trip back up home.

So before we get to the pictures of my last day in Alabama, I wanted to give three ideas I had about taking vacation photos!

  1. Don’t be afraid to take your camera everywhere! - I had this problem because I felt like I should be more relaxed and chilled and I honestly didn’t know how the places we went to would feel about me just randomly pulling out my camera and start snapping pictures. If you are going to some cool places, just ask! The worst they can tell you is no!

  2. You can relax and still capture moments! - Again this hits me so close to home because I wanted to take pictures of all the cool landscapes and cityscapes I saw on my trip down, but I didn’t. I wanted to capture moments of us playing Putt Putt Golf, but again I didn’t. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t snap a few images off here and there.

  3. And last HAVE FUN! - You’re on vacation! This isn’t a clients work, this isn’t a project that has a deadline, instead it’s time for you to relax and shoot for you! This is the perfect time for you to let loose and be creative!

So that is it! Until my next vacation (or maybe a destination wedding * tee hee *) check out my final beach day at the Orange Beach in Alabama!

Alabama Vacation Part Two | Chantz's Surprised Proposal

Vacation and Surprised Engagement Proposal in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

So I may have told a little lie in my previous vacation post about why I had the chance to go to Alabama.

Yes I was invited by a close group of friends because they know I want to travel more and that I was in need of a vacation. But Chantz had other plans.

Now that name may sound familiar and it should. I have worked with Chantz and his girlfriend Danyel for a while now. And if you read the title then I’m assuming you’re putting the puzzle together and you know exactly why my friend Chantz wanted me to for sure come along on this trip.

If you don’t, it’s because Chantz + Danyel brought up the idea of us going to Alabama around February, well Chantz private messaged me and told me ‘Hey you’re coming to Alabama.’

My first thought was ‘Okaaaay sure I’m going. You’re crazy.’

But after Chantz confessed that he was wanting to propose to Danyel, I knew for a fact, I was going to go to Alabama.

After driving for ten and a half hours, I arrived at the air bnb that the group rented and after some private planning between everyone -but Danyel- we had a plan that after we went to the beach, we would do some “Sweetheart” pictures. The idea of the sweetheart pictures was to give everyone else time to set up the beach so that everything was perfect.

I get emotional all the time but it’s different when you witness such a special moment for two of your closest friends to start a new journey together.

Check out below the fun sweetheart session we had in Orange Beach, Alabama that led to such a special surprise engagement!

Alabama Vacation Part One | Orange Beach Alabama

Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I have never taken an actual vacation (outside of Kentucky) in my life. So when a group of close friends invited me to travel with them to Orange Beach, Alabama I knew this was my opportunity to go with them!

Now my first mistake as a photographer who was going on vacation is I took A FEW PHOTOS!!

Uggggh! That is not like me and I told myself I was going to document the entire trip and I failed lol.

HOWEVER! I did capture my first trip to the beach. (Don’t drag me for never going to a beach lol)

And I was amazed at how gorgeous it was! The sand was white, the water was a mixture of aquamarine and lime green. And honestly just staring at the horizon did give me some Moana vibes, but it also made me feel so peaceful!

And don’t get me wrong, it was so hard to not work, but the fact that I got three days to chill with some of my closest friends, made this such a memorable trip!

As I mentioned I did forget to get some shots as I was driving (that nine hour trip was killer for one person to drive all alone) as well as the places we stopped at, but it was such a beautiful trip that I do need to take again and hopefully soon!

Frankfort Kentucky Wedding | Katherine + Jeff

Katherine + Jeff’s Frankfort Kentucky Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It was my first time shooting at the Berry Hill Mansion, but it wasn’t my first time working with Katherine + Jeff. This wedding was by far one of my favorite weddings this year due to the details only! From the table decor, to the little pins on Katherine’s bouquet, everything was perfect and it fit these two to a ‘t’.

If you know me, you know I love details shots! I feel like in order for you to cherish the memories then having little shots of the flowers, the decor, the way your grandmother holds your hand, things like that do have meaning, and I want to make sure to capture it.

So for Katherine + Jeff’s wedding not only did I want to capture all the details but I wanted to capture their personalities in these images.

From the laughter, the funny shots, and even the intimate moments, I can’t express how blessed I am to be able to work with these two! I know y’all will have many years to come of laughter and pure happiness!

Lebanon Kentucky Senior Session | Rachel Hollon

Rachel Hollon’s Spring Senior Session in Lebanon Kentucky | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

One of my last senior spring sessions of the year is with this beautiful young girl. I met Rachel through my Kentucky Belle Rep Michelle and it was awesome to work with Rachel!

From her tomboy style, to her official FFA attire this senior took her session to the next level and made it all about what she loves.

And to me, that’s the best kind of session! I don’t want seniors coming into their session thinking they had to look like someone else, or dress like someone else. Instead, I want them to feel comfortable in their own skin and who they are!

If you love skateboarding and art, then take those talents and apply it to your session! Love horses and the ballet then incorporate that.

I never want to see a senior be forced to act or portray someone they’re not.

Frankfort Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Monica + Porter

Monica + Porter’s Sweetheart Session in Frankfort, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Things happen by chance. I had hit a point in my life where I wanted to travel and I wanted it bad! My one goal was to travel, but when you are the sole dependent for a sick family member, sometimes you have to put your dreams and plans on hold to be there for your family.

Luckily I met Monica + Porter. Not only my first couple to introduce me to a new area, but also they will be my first destination couple.

They were the true definition of a dream team. They worked together, talked things out, but most of all they had fun! They loved each other!

I’ve been to certain parts of Frankfort but never to downtown Frankfort, so when they brought up the idea of shooting there, I was so ready for it! The rich history of the place was alluring. Between the vintage movie theater and the historic government buildings, I fell in love with this place.

But I also got super close to Monica + Porter! Understanding all that they have been through together as a couple and individuals made their session so much more personable! I love the fact that I get to become close with my clients and make it feel like I’m with family and friends rather than just a client.

Lebanon Kentucky Maternity Session | Courtney Chesser

Courtney Chesser’s Maternity Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I wanted to give back this year and I want to make sure to do this from years to come, but I wanted to give back to mothers to be. SO I did a contest, and I failed to pay attention to a few small details, so I actually had to draw 3 winners name twice.

In this moment people would be yelling yikes because that’s a lot of free sessions, but I owned up to my mistake and I saw a chance at 6 people getting wonderful photos.

One of those six people being Courtney! It was a fun and different session for me because I’m use to momma and daddy’s to be, to be at the session, but this time it was Mother to be and Big Sister to be!

It really opened my eyes to help me realize that the world is all glitter and rainbows and that sometimes there’s not going to be both parents in the pictures. But the one constant factor will be the huge amount of love this little baby is going to get! <3

Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Samantha + Mason

Samantha + Mason’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s Spring time! And the one place I’ve wanted to shoot at FOR THE LONGEST was The National Cemetery in Lexington! Now normally, there’s a few weeks throughout the month where the popular Cherry Blossom Trees are in bloom.

But like my life, I’m always missing it by a hair, but in this case, we can blame the weather.

If you’ve ever lived in Kentucky then you know that the weather has a bit of a bipolar attitude. It could be raining at noon and than less than 30 minutes later it’s shining bright and in the high 90’s.

In this exact moment, that was pretty much how it was. We were suppose to have rain all morning and afternoon, but after a 15 minute drizzle storm, we was left with clear skies and a hot sun.

But! Samantha + Mason were champs! Even with the hot heat, it wasn’t a match for the chemistry between Samantha + Mason.

Between the beautiful scenery at the National Cemetery and let’s not forget how beautiful Keeneland is, this may in fact be one of my all time favorite sweetheart sessions!

Washington County Senior Prom | Prom 2018

Washington County Senior Prom Session in Springfield, KY | Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty

They say that rain on a wedding day is good luck, but what about rain on a prom day that happens every year?

No matter the rain, I was so happy that Pete and Theresa Thompson gave me access to their barn to shoot my Washington County Prom clients!

This is seriously a cute barn! And even with the rain outside we were able to capture some stunning images from each group!