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Alabama Vacation Part One | Orange Beach Alabama

Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I have never taken an actual vacation (outside of Kentucky) in my life. So when a group of close friends invited me to travel with them to Orange Beach, Alabama I knew this was my opportunity to go with them!

Now my first mistake as a photographer who was going on vacation is I took A FEW PHOTOS!!

Uggggh! That is not like me and I told myself I was going to document the entire trip and I failed lol.

HOWEVER! I did capture my first trip to the beach. (Don’t drag me for never going to a beach lol)

And I was amazed at how gorgeous it was! The sand was white, the water was a mixture of aquamarine and lime green. And honestly just staring at the horizon did give me some Moana vibes, but it also made me feel so peaceful!

And don’t get me wrong, it was so hard to not work, but the fact that I got three days to chill with some of my closest friends, made this such a memorable trip!

As I mentioned I did forget to get some shots as I was driving (that nine hour trip was killer for one person to drive all alone) as well as the places we stopped at, but it was such a beautiful trip that I do need to take again and hopefully soon!