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Alabama Vacation Part Three | Orange Beach Alabama

Vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you haven’t read Part One or Part Two of my vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama then check out those two post first!

This was my last day in Alabama and again I relaxed a little too much and forgot to take pictures of everything. I did however not forget to take beach photos lol.

With the engagement that happened the day before (check out the part two blog post) we were all just trying to have fun before it was time for some of us to start making the trip back up home.

So before we get to the pictures of my last day in Alabama, I wanted to give three ideas I had about taking vacation photos!

  1. Don’t be afraid to take your camera everywhere! - I had this problem because I felt like I should be more relaxed and chilled and I honestly didn’t know how the places we went to would feel about me just randomly pulling out my camera and start snapping pictures. If you are going to some cool places, just ask! The worst they can tell you is no!

  2. You can relax and still capture moments! - Again this hits me so close to home because I wanted to take pictures of all the cool landscapes and cityscapes I saw on my trip down, but I didn’t. I wanted to capture moments of us playing Putt Putt Golf, but again I didn’t. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t snap a few images off here and there.

  3. And last HAVE FUN! - You’re on vacation! This isn’t a clients work, this isn’t a project that has a deadline, instead it’s time for you to relax and shoot for you! This is the perfect time for you to let loose and be creative!

So that is it! Until my next vacation (or maybe a destination wedding * tee hee *) check out my final beach day at the Orange Beach in Alabama!