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Alabama Vacation Part Two | Chantz's Surprised Proposal

Vacation and Surprised Engagement Proposal in Orange Beach, Alabama | Destination Wedding + Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

So I may have told a little lie in my previous vacation post about why I had the chance to go to Alabama.

Yes I was invited by a close group of friends because they know I want to travel more and that I was in need of a vacation. But Chantz had other plans.

Now that name may sound familiar and it should. I have worked with Chantz and his girlfriend Danyel for a while now. And if you read the title then I’m assuming you’re putting the puzzle together and you know exactly why my friend Chantz wanted me to for sure come along on this trip.

If you don’t, it’s because Chantz + Danyel brought up the idea of us going to Alabama around February, well Chantz private messaged me and told me ‘Hey you’re coming to Alabama.’

My first thought was ‘Okaaaay sure I’m going. You’re crazy.’

But after Chantz confessed that he was wanting to propose to Danyel, I knew for a fact, I was going to go to Alabama.

After driving for ten and a half hours, I arrived at the air bnb that the group rented and after some private planning between everyone -but Danyel- we had a plan that after we went to the beach, we would do some “Sweetheart” pictures. The idea of the sweetheart pictures was to give everyone else time to set up the beach so that everything was perfect.

I get emotional all the time but it’s different when you witness such a special moment for two of your closest friends to start a new journey together.

Check out below the fun sweetheart session we had in Orange Beach, Alabama that led to such a special surprise engagement!