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Photoshop. A brand name for computer software used to digitally alter digital photographs or other graphics. I have been using this software since 2009!!

I took a graphic design class my senior year because at the time I was wanting to be a horse trainer/breeder by day and a website designer by night. I currently own ZERO horses, and I can not code a website to save my life.

Now you're probably thinking, there's no WAY she met those celebrities, and you know what, you're right! However at seventeen (I believe I was seventeen), I didn't know what copyright meant and I knew a lot of people would make these cool banners for celebrities and I wanted to do that!! I wanted to do something cool!! This is how my Photoshop passion really took off!! I would learn how to remove backgrounds from images, how to blend images together, to fix coloring, add brushes, add effects, EVERYTHING! Just by working with images on a day to day basis.

Fast forward to now and you don't see a lot of that old work anymore. That's because that is what level of Photoshop I was at before.

Photoshop and composites are not something you can just learn in a single day. I have been playing with Photoshop since 2009!! That's literally hundreds (ok more like 8 years) ago and there's still stuff that I'm learning!

"Well it takes forever to see a cool shot like that...."

Yes. Because why? Because I am a perfectionist or a witch....or a perfectionist witch. Either way, I take this seriously and when I'm working on a project, it takes me A LOT of time just to produce ONE image. If I see something wrong with it, I have to fix it. I don't want to post a sneak peek and it not be as amazing as I know it can be.

So please, if you're playing with Photoshop, don't get discourage!! It takes time! Continue to practice! Read articles, watch YouTube videos, open up Photoshop everyday and just edit!

Because I have a lot of before and after shots that I literally love, I wanted to share them below!! Check out some of my before and afters!! If you are curious, or have questions about Photoshop or composites, please feel free to contact me!!