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Campbellsville Kentucky Sweetheart Session at The Homeplace on Green River | Bree + Lane

Bre + Lane’s Sweetheart Session in Campbellsville, Kentucky at The Homeplace on Green River | Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you know anything about me then you will know that I have a HUGE passion for horses! Small ones, tall ones, loud ones, and yes even the mean ones I love. So when I met Bree via Facebook I was head over heels in love with her! And this was before she mentioned she was bringing her large friends to her and Lane’s sweetheart session!

Now when I talk to you online for more than a month, I am going to treat you like my family, so when we met for the first time -face to face- for their sweetheart session, of course I gave her a hug! Now the fact I immediately ran to the back to see the horses may have been rude but Bree + Lane both just laughed and loved the fact that I loved their horses almost as much as they did lol.

And let me just tell you, picking The Homeplace on Green River as the backdrop for their sweetheart session was perfect! It fit both their personalities to a “T” and it also made the horses very comfortable. Whenever I work with large animals (or small ones, or animals in general) I do make sure their comfortable. That way we have ZERO accidents. You’re not going to have a fun and happy shoot if the animal is freaking out, then your clients are freaking out, and you’re basically losing a battle you won’t be able to win.

But! Back to these two Love Birds! I swear I love how they both just tell it how it is! They show love differently than most people I have met. I always here love, but they showed it! Between the light joking, the sweet touches, and the romantic kisses.

I mean, literally, I’m counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to October 26th! <3