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Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos Bridal Session | Monica + Hamilton

Monica + Hamilton’s Destination Bridal Session in Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos, Mexico at Azul Sensatori Mexico by Karisma Hotels | Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Even though I was only in Mexico for three days, it felt like I was there for a shorter time! I felt like there wasn’t enough time to shoot everything that my mind was spitting out! Between night shots, and beach shots, there just wasn’t time for everything.

Luckily Monica + Hamilton were rested enough to shoot the next morning during sunrise to capture a few more personal shots of just them. At their destination wedding, even with a timeline we ran behind, but hey, that’s the point of a bridal session. We shoot more of the session a day or two after the wedding to make sure we got all the shots.

But being the relaxed and patient clients that Monica + Hamilton are, they wanted their attire to be more casual and honestly, I loved it!

Why you may ask? Because it looks like their honeymooning! They’re relaxing, smiling, laughing, they’re having the time of their life and that’s the shots I wanted to capture!

Check out just how much fun we had during their sunrise bridal session!