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Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos Wedding | Monica + Hamilton

Monica + Hamilton’s Destination Wedding in Carretera Cancun-Puerto Morelos, Mexico at Azul Sensatori Mexico by Karisma Hotels | Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you don’t know this couple, then you are truly missing out. I first met Monica + Hamilton through an online Facebook group where wedding professionals and clients could interact about each client’s big day. We talked, met up, joked around, and we all three knew this was going to be an amazing experience.

Now I did shoot their sweetheart session, so it gave us a chance to practice for the big day! But this wedding was going to be a lot different than any normal wedding I have shot.

Things happen by chance as I mentioned during their sweetheart session blog. I had hit a point in my life where I wanted to travel and I wanted it bad! And even though traveling was a goal of mine, sometimes you have to put your dreams and plans on hold to be there for your family.

Luckily, Monica + Porter were understanding and amazing! They may have been one of my most relax and laid back couples that I have ever met!

I can’t explain to y’all how excited I was to shoot at the Azul Sensatori Mexico Hotel! The pictures did it zero justice and the wedding coordinator was on point with all the questions that we all had. Not to mention that we had to do a quick change of plans when seaweed tried to ruin the big day, but hey, when you get hit in the head with lemons, you make lemonade right? And that’s what these two did.

Moving the wedding from the beach, we went up to the rooftop of the hotel and that view! Talk about leaving a girl speechless.

This trip was made to live life to the fullest and Monica + Hamilton wanted their guest to enjoy paradise but also live and love every second they had there.

Between the drop dead gorgeous bride, the stunning views, the best gifts that make the best memories, and the dancing grandmother ,who can probably out dance everyone I know, this wedding was absolute everything.

Enough of me chit chatting. We all know why you’re here, to see exactly what I’m talking about.

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