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Columbia Kentucky Wedding | Brittany + Kyle

Brittany + Kyle's Columbia Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Growing up, I was always told love was a very precious thing. My grandma was the one who told me that. She also told me that love was basically a person. We loved "Love", sometimes we hated "Love", we laughed at it, we cried over it, but overall every single one of us has love for someone or something.

Brittany has love for Kyle and Kyle has love for Brittany. You can see it the way they laugh at each other's jokes, or the way they dance with each other. It's romantic. It's almost like you're watching a Nicholas Sparks movie in real life just minus all the sad parts because let's be honest, this day was one of the most happiest days of these two lives!

Real quick I just want to talk about this venue because I have never shot here before so as always I try to Facebook creep and see what the place looks like just to get an idea of where the best places would be for pictures, and those pictures do not do any justice for the place!

So much open land! The Bed and Breakfast is so cute and cozy with each room having it's own little theme, and the outside ceremony area was TOO DIE FOR!

Plus. One thing that I love the most about weddings is all the details! Flowers, jewelry, shoes, and the food (this bride made my dreams come true when she had a taco bar <3 <3 <3 ) But it's those small details that takes this love story -and every other love story- that I get to be a part of so much better!

Congrats again to Brittany + Kyle! Thank you both so much for your patient hearts, kind words, and all the stories y'all told me on your wedding day lol. God bless you both and y'alls future!! <3