Rebecca Beatty Photography


I'm Not Your Normal Senior Girl - Kentucky Senior - Senior Photography

"Everything I do, I do it with a passion..."

Y'all!!! This Marion County Senior KILLLLLLLLLLLLLED her Urban and Spring senior session!! When any clients comes to me with a game plan on what they want, what they love, the vision they have!! It makes working with them so. much. easier. Plus it makes their session more special, more unique! And that's what I want each senior to have is that unique experience!

Now I won't lie, the plans we originally had, had to be changed. Shy wanted her locations to be different then anyone else. And I don't blame her! So doing some research we both thought Lexington, KY would be the perfect city for her session!!

Graffiti covered walls, coffee shops with amazing artwork inside and out, and a district with nothing but industrial design. This screamed perfection! This screamed Shy! But enough of me talking, check out some of these AMAZING portraits from Shy's Spring Session!