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Jamestown Kentucky Wedding | Brittany + John

Brittany + John’s Jamestown, KY Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

The start of this morning was unlike any others. The drive from my house to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park was peaceful and so scenic and once on the road to the cabins where the girls and guys were getting ready, it was just full of light and wildlife!

Once I arrived at the cabins, it was full of excited women all ready to celebrate the lucky bride to be and Brittany was ready -and a little nervous-.

But who wouldn’t be nervous on such a big and special day?

With a few last minute changes and trying to take advantage of the warm weather, we started the getting ready process outside on the back deck. Between some laughter and the little ones running around we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

My favorite part (one of my favorite parts) is when I get to start doing the bridal party pictures. And normally after I work with the ladies, we do a first look (if they want one) then the guys, etc etc. But! John had such a special surprise for Brittany.

At every wedding, we always wish that our loved ones that have passed on could be there. And John knew how close Brittany was to her grandmother,so to some it was just a simple purple jewelry bag.

But it wasn’t.

Inside that simple, velvet, purple bag was a necklace where John had Brittany’s grandmother’s items melted down and formed into that very special gift.

I can’t lie, gifts like this always leave me teary eyed and emotional. To me gifts like that mean so much and I’m a hopeless romantic so what can I say lol.

Speaking of romance, this day was full of it. From the little kisses before the ceremony, to the officiant’s kind words of wisdom. This day was made for them and I was so honored to be a part of it. <3