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Lebanon Kentucky Maternity Session | Courtney Chesser

Courtney Chesser’s Maternity Session in Lebanon, Kentucky | Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I wanted to give back this year and I want to make sure to do this from years to come, but I wanted to give back to mothers to be. SO I did a contest, and I failed to pay attention to a few small details, so I actually had to draw 3 winners name twice.

In this moment people would be yelling yikes because that’s a lot of free sessions, but I owned up to my mistake and I saw a chance at 6 people getting wonderful photos.

One of those six people being Courtney! It was a fun and different session for me because I’m use to momma and daddy’s to be, to be at the session, but this time it was Mother to be and Big Sister to be!

It really opened my eyes to help me realize that the world is all glitter and rainbows and that sometimes there’s not going to be both parents in the pictures. But the one constant factor will be the huge amount of love this little baby is going to get! <3