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Lebanon Kentucky Maternity Session | Olivia Cornett

Olivia Cornett's Maternity Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rebecca Beatty

If you've been following my blog than you may remember Olivia + Ryan from Casey + Frank's wedding, from Olivia + Ryan's sweetheart session, or even Olivia + Ryan's own wedding. However, if you was like me, I bet you wasn't expecting maternity pictures, let me be honest, I wasn't lol.

When Olivia messaged me and said "what about them maternity pictures", I swore I thought she was talking about one of our mutual friends. Nope. She was talking about herself. So immediately we started talking about ideas.

Because of the cold weather we experience, snow -deep snow- and slippery ice to be exact, we shot a couple of different times that way I made sure she got different shots in all the scenarios she wanted.

The first thing she said to me was, "I want winter and snowy pictures".

My first thing I said to her was, " You got me all types of messed up. You know I hate the cold!"

Guess who won that battle.

Other than the red dress during Olivia's winter session, the other dresses are a bit more special to me. Why? Because these are dresses that I combined together! The beige one? A beige tube dress paired with a dark beige tulle skirt. Brilliant I know!

However the emerald green dress you're about to see, literally had me in tears because I was so angry!

If you know me, then you know I love St. Patrick's Day! So after talking with Olivia, we decided to do her next part of her session days before St. Patrick's Day with a green theme. Now these two dresses that I ordered were in no shape, the same color or the same texture. The texture being different was fine by me, the 'not being the same color' is what irritated me.

But not to fear, being the photoshop witch that I am, I made them match!

But both Olivia and my mind were not done yet. We still wanted to make sure that Olivia's hard working husband Ryan was in a bunch of the images too! So on our rainy Easter day, we shot at a popular location with this gorgeous waterfall that we honestly didn't even know was there!

But again with the dress! It's two dresses combined together! And this red dress I'm loving it! I bought a simple red tube top dress with remove-able sleeves _cute by itself- but wanted a little more drama to it, so we paired it with a red tutu and just by moving it from underneath her stomach to her knees we created two different looks!

Check out the last part of Olivia + Ryan's maternity session below!