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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Fagan Branch | Sarah + Joey

Sarah + Joey’s Sweetheart Session in Lebanon, Kentucky at Fagan Branch | Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As much as I love to travel sometimes there’s obstacles in your way that makes you stop and realize it’s not about you getting to travel but making sure that your clients are happy!

Sarah + Joey here were actually wanting to take me with them to Jamaica where they were going to tie the knot, but due to some restrictions at the resort, I wasn’t going to be able to go! But hey! Atleast I can say this sweetheart session was a BLAST!

These two gave off so many vibes! Including Johnny and June vibes! Plus Joey can actually play the guitar and was evening singing to Sarah!

Oh my heart!!!

But what I love the most about these two is how they only had eyes for each other. There was multiple times during these shoot where we was laughing because t hey would be so lost in each other that they didn’t hear me talking lol.

Check out how much fun and love there was at this session! <3