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Lebanon Kentucky Sweetheart Session / Mercedes + Daniel

Mercedes + Daniel's Sweetheart Session in Campbellsville, KY / Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

When working with couples I LOVE it when they bring their own style and unique flare to the session! So when a friend tagged me in Mercedes search for a photographer, I thought it was a great idea to see if what she was looking for would match with what I could offer.

And it totally did.

Now believe it or not, I went to school with Mercedes' older brother, had a session with her young brother, and I knew Daniel from school.  But to throw some more disbelief your way -as you read this- this couple has been together for FIVE YEARS!! That's literally as long as I have been in business.

Other than the fact that our paths have crossed, one of the coolest props I ever got to work with was with Daniel's "other" baby. Let me tell you, papa was VERY protective over what we did and how we positioned his motorcycle lol.

Enough with the talking, if you love motorcycles and you love couples that make it through anything, then scroll down below and check out Mercedes + Daniel's Sweetheart session!