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Lebanon Kentucky Tennis Session / Emily + Colin

Emily + Colin's Tennis Session in Lebanon, KY / Kentucky Senior Photographer Rebecca Beatty


Here recently I made a "Photographer's To-Do List". And you're probably thinking, ok it has to be like getting editing completed, meet with clients, upload, etc etc, when in fact it's not. I try to make a "To-Do List" or a Bucket List for that month. I want to be able to do a few projects each month that make me happy. So for June I really had only one and that was to shoot a sports session.

Now I have worked with sports teams before but I really wanted to work with two individuals to practice posing -not only for women and men- but also for the sport itself. You wouldn't pose a golfer where he was dunking the ball into the hole would you? Or have a football player throwing a ball at a few bowling pins? No. You have to be realistic while having fun and thankfully I worked with Emily and her boyfriend Colin.

It's a great relief to work with people who are so kind and willing to make sure to make your idea work! We didn't shoot for long but I swear these are some of my favorite shots!!

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