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Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Emily + Alicia

Emily + Alicia’s Lebanon, Kentucky Wedding | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

A wedding that I have been so excited about, finally happened. I was so honored to work with Emily + Alicia during their sweetheart session and now their wedding day.

Now as I mentioned during their sweetheart session, when you go to a small local high school like Marion County, you pretty much knew everyone and everyone knew you. So of course I was beyond thrilled when Emily and her fiancé Alicia contact me about being their wedding photographer, I was over the moon ECSTATIC!!

When this day came, I was so excited! I was ready to try all different type of poses, shots, and even stepping out of my comfort zone and dragging a large group out to the Fredricksburg Bridge.

But, there was one tiny little thing that I was super excited about, and that was the details! Alicia bought her dress online and it wasn’t because of price or not finding one in store, but it was because she knew what kind of dress she wanted and had her sights set on.

PLUS! Both their styles are so different! Alicia and her love for flowers while Emily had a more passion for the simple yet stylish look.

Between the sunflowers and burgundy colors, I loved everything about this wedding. This was a day made for these two and the fact that I was able to be a part of something so special, it makes my heart so full! <3