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Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Kelly + Jeremy

Kelly + Jeremy's Lebanon Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

"She focused on God. He did the same. God gave them each other."     -Bliss

It's a true blessing that I get to wake up every morning being able to work on my own time, support myself, all while living out my dreams!

But out of all these blessings, some of my favorites are when I get to work with friends. Just real quick I want to explain my feelings when my old friends, classmates, etc message me telling me they want to work with me or they need to work with me.

My heart explodes.

And no I don't mean actually explodes but the fact that they have seen how far I have come, how hard I work, and respect me as a business, it makes me feel more love than I can even express.

But enough about my feelings, Kelly + Jeremy was and always will be one of m favorite couples and favorite weddings of 2018. If you haven't seen their sweetheart session yet, then I highly check that out first to just see how much fun we had!

And that's exactly what we had. FUN. This wasn't a day for everyone, it was a day meant for these two. Yes they loved having their family and friends there, but most of all, they loved the fact that with their love for God and Jesus, they are the reason that Kelly + Jeremy even met.

And as my momma has always told me, God and Fate walk together in hand in hand. What he has planned for you is a blessing that you will never see coming.

Speaking of God, this Easter-Garden theme wedding took place the day before Easter and that date, plus the decor, it all fit together and made this the best way for me to kick off my 2018 wedding season.

Kelly + Jeremy I can not express and thank you both enough for the amount of love you showed me on y'alls wedding day and before that. I pray each night that God blesses y'all with endless years of happiness and laughter. With kids who tell some of the best "dad jokes" and play baseball/softball like a champ!

Thank y'all again for letting me capture such a special day! <3