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Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Krista + Jamie

Krista + Jamie's Lebanon Kentucky Wedding/ Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Over the past few months, I've noticed that time really has flew by. I've noticed that at each wedding, there love story between the couples amazes me. But I have to be honest, the love story between Krista + Jamie is probably one of the greatest love stories I have ever witnessed.

Thousands of years ago (maybe eight to be exact) I met Jamie through our local FFA chapter. Of course I was always up for meeting new people but Jamie was one of those guys that was really quiet until you got to know him. Well every year our FFA Chapter would have a Christmas party and one of my friends told me Jamie was bringing his girlfriend.

Honesty time, I had no idea Jamie had a girlfriend but I was excited!! I wanted to meet her! In walks Krista. Let me explain, it did not matter how many people were in that room. It didn't matter about the Secret Santa presents around the tree or all that amazing food, the entire night, Jamie couldn't take his eyes off Krista. Everyone there that night can agree with that.

I always tell people this story and they're like, "What do you mean, they were just kids.."

And your point?

Jamie knew deep in his heart that he was going to marry Krista. This was a man who wasn't going to let her get away, he was madly, deeply in love. The way he looked at Krista would make any woman envious.

Fast forward to this year and not only does Jamie look at Krista with that same look of love but Krista gives those looks right back to Jamie. They're literally a walking, talking romance. They're best friends that know what the other is thinking and know each other like the back of their hand.

They're literally one of the greatest love stories I have ever seen and that I know this town has seen.

Krista + Jamie I want to thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I often tell couples that I will pray God gives them all the love and happiness and I do pray for that for y'all but I know and have faith that y'all will stick together just like your Grandma and Grandpa Krista ;) I love you both so much! <3