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Lebanon Kentucky Wedding | Stephanie + Sevric

Stephanie + Sevric’s Wedding in Lebanon, Kentucky | Local and Destination Wedding Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Let’s talk about a fun yet challenging wedding. This wedding had so many first for me. The first being, this was the largest wedding party I have ever shot!

With so many people to keep track of, to listen to ideas, all while focusing on the Mr + Mrs. it’s a lot to do, but the realness and the jokes these individuals were making, had me laughing to the point of tears.

The other thing that made this wedding a challenge was the extreme fatigue I was battling.

I had just shot a wedding in Mexico on the 20th of June and now on the 23rd of June I was shooting another wedding. But no matter how tired I was, my goal was the same that it is at every other wedding I shoot, make the bride and groom happy.

Speaking of the bride and groom, I have worked with Stephanie + Sevric during their sweetheart session in Lexington and I knew when working with them then, that their wedding was going to be nothing but good times!

From the details, the gifts that one got the other, and even the cake lady breaking it down to the wobble, this wedding was one for the books!