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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session at Keeneland Race Track | Cassie + David

Cassie + David’s Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky at Keeneland Race Track | Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

May can not get here fast enough! It’s starting to get harder and harder for me to be patient as I wait for Cassie + David’s wedding! As much fun as we had during their sweetheart session, I know their wedding will be just as fun!

I first met Cassie + David at a bridal show and when Cassie messaged me saying she was wanting to meet and talk I was excited! (Plus she said we could eat at my favorite place in Lexington and that’s HopCat for future reference, they have some of the best fries EVER!)

But during their consultation, I fell in love with their story! I was always told growing up that if you love something -or someone- then let them go, and if it loves you back, it’ll come back. And sure enough that quote is true because both of these two were young and in love, went down separate paths, and then met again at the same place where they first started dating.

If that doesn’t make your heart beat with happiness and love, then I don’t think you’ve watched enough romantic comedies than I have!

Check out just some of my favorite shots from their sweetheart session! <3