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Lexington Kentucky Sweetheart Session | Callie + Heather

Callie + Heather Sweetheart Session in Lexington, Kentucky | Kentucky Engagement Photographer Rebecca Beatty

As photographers we run into a tiny issue -which in reality is a big issue- of being booked up on someone's wedding day. And normally we try our best to find a photographer to fit their needs.

Now, I wanted to work with Callie + Heather immediately. And I know some photographers don't work with same sex couples which is fine, that's their business not mine. But me? I don't see color. I don't see sexual orientation. I don't see judgement (unless it's needed) but when it comes to love, that's all I see. I see two people who would travel to hell and back for this one person who understands them, who connects with them, and would stop a bullet for them.

From talking to both these young ladies plus Callie's mom at a recent bridal show; we laughed, we discussed the big day, we even talked about how they met, but unfortunately I was booked. And it's moments like this that break my heart because I love being able to work with clients who love me, love my work, and want me to be a part of such a special day.

Not even an hour after they left my booth, Callie's mom came back and had asked if there was any sort of a waiting list. I told her I would be more than happy to keep her name down and let her know if there was any type of date change.

Sure enough on my way home, the date they wanted, that bride moved her wedding to another date. It was like a sign. So after a call, another meet up, a signed contract, they were booked and it was time to start planning their sweetheart session.

I have shot in Lexington multiple times, but this was a first because I was tired of the same poses, I wanted something more real and this was the perfect time to test out how I could pull emotion from a couple.

If you want to see real love and emotion between Heather + Callie then scroll down below and check out some of my favorite shots.